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RayFlex 787

RayFlex 787 is an APEO free, self-crosslinking, 100% elastomeric acrylic emulsion polymer designed for flexible roof coatings. Coatings formulated with RayFlex 787 have excellent water and efflorescence resistance, low temperature flexibility and outstanding tensile properties. It provides superior adhesion to polyurethane foam and various construction substrates.

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Rovene 4049

Rovene 4049 is a carboxylated styrene-butadiene emulsion that has high cohesive strength. Films demonstrate highly water and grease resistant coatings with low moisture vapor transmission imparting good tensile strength with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

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Rovene 4457

Rovene 4457 is a low VOC, highly carboxylated styrene butadiene emulsion recommended for carpet and nonwoven backcoatings. It provides a medium hand with excellent strength properties and good adhesion to a variety of surfaces.

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Rovene 6119

Rovene 6119 is a low glass transition temperature styrene-acrylic polymer that offers flexibility during movement of the substrate and water resistance. This polymer also exhibits excellent tensile strength and maintains elongation properties when compounded with fillers. Its featured applications include industrial coatings, elastomeric coatings etc.

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Rovene 6121

Rovene 6121 is a styrene-acrylic polymer for use in coatings that require flexibility and water resistance within the construction and roofing market. It also exhibits excellent tensile strength and maintains elongation properties when compounded with fillers. It is widely used in industrial coatings, elastomeric coatings etc.

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SABODERM IS is an oily component widely used for cosmetic preparations.

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SABOSOL L30 is used as secondary surfactants in shampoos, bubble-baths and mild detergents. It develop a soft, uniform foam and have a good skin feel.

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SATOBASE FL is a liquid alkaline foamless cleaner with perfect blend of non foaming surfactants and sodium hypochlorite. The presence of surfactants offer wetting action and potassium hydroxide provides a strong detergent & descaling effect. It is very effective for use in daily cleaning applications of food processing industries.

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Tomadry DAB

Tomadry DAB is a surfactant used in car wash cleaner formulations as a wax additive for improved shine and surface protection. This 100% active product helps optimize cleaner formulas for vehicle care.

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