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BACTA-ARREST is a broad spectrum bactericide effectively controlling most of the bacterial diseases. It can be used both as prophylactic and curative spray. It alters the immune system of plant by changing the contents of phenols, proteins, nitrogen and certain enzymes and make the plants resistant to bacterial attack. This unique synthetic organic broad spectrum bactericide ably plays two roles - as a prophylactic as well as a curative bactericide.

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DAREX AEA EH is an air-entraining admixture which generates a highly stable air void system for increased protection against damage from freezing and thawing, severe weathering, or de-icer chemicals. It is a complex mixture of organic acid salts in an aqueous solution specifically formulated for use as an air-entraining admixture for concrete. It performs well in conventional concrete and is effective in plasticizing mixes with slag, lightweight, or manufactured aggregates which tend to produce harsh concrete.

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DIPIVIN 0325 is a vinyl acetate acrylic co– polymer emulsion, can be used as binder in all water based paints, but it has been developed specially for cement paints. Good electrolyte stability of this product avoids any interaction with cement and other extenders.

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Fluorad FC99

Fluorad FC99 is a specialty chemical.

MAGNA 1100-C

This super emulsifier accelerates rapid dispersion of oil into milky white residues. This is a premium product for fighting oil pollution at sea. It may be used as a cleaner on deck too. Low toxicity and non-corrosive on metals.

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Nitrosil-G20 is a granular form of 20% nitrobenzene & 15 % silica absorbing elements. It act as flowering stimulant & yield booster due to presence of natural proteins present in nitrobenzene. It also acts as plant protective shield due to silica absorbing elements present in it. It brings about vegetative growth, induces profuse flowering and also stops flower and fruit droppings. It is useful for crops such as Wheat, Paddy, Cotton, Grapes, Banana, Sugarcane, Chilies, Tomato, Soya bean, Brinjal, Pulses, Oil seeds, Spices, Fruits & Flowering crops.

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Nitrosil-L20 is a unique researched complex containing nitrobenzene and silica absorbent as plant protection. It induces profuse flowering in plants. It also brings about vegetative growth and also reduces flower & fruit drop. Silicon absorbent presence in it gives strength to the plant and thus protects it from insects & pest and fungi. Due to presence of surfactants as carrier it has excellent wetting agent and spreading property.

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RayCryl 1020

RayCryl 1020 is an acrylic core shell polymer designed for concrete and wood applications. The key features are it is efflorescence resistance, it has excellent chemical and scratch resistance and further it has good hot wet block resistance.

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RayFlex 2024

RayFlex 2024 is a 100% acrylic elastomeric emulsion polymer designed for wall mastic and roof coatings. The features are it provides high elongation and tensile strength, it has low temperature flexibility, it has excellent exterior durability and UV resistance and further it has excellent dirt pick up resistance.

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