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RayFlex 439A

RayFlex 439A is a soft styrene acrylic emulsion elastomeric polymer with excellent tensile strength and elongation for roof and mastic applications and it provides good adhesion. It is designed to provide compatibility with bentonite stabilized asphaltic emulsions for increased durability and flexibility.

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RayKote 1431

RayKote 1431 is a styrene acrylic emulsion polymer designed specifically as a cost-effective and user friendly vehicle for industrial wood primer applications. It is used for factory applied interior and exterior wood primers. The key features are it has excellent block resistance, it is water resistant and further it has outstanding sandability.

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RayKote 1515

RayKote 1515 is a styrene acrylic emulsion polymer designed for masonry, plaster, concrete applications. It provides excellent water, alkali and efflorescence resistance. It is ideal for textured finishes as it has very good pigment binding capacity and shear stability when used as part of the grind base.

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RayKote 2001

RayKote 2001 is a styrene acrylic emulsion polymer that provides excellent adhesion and high gloss. It exhibits good corrosion and water resistance in coatings specifically made for primer applications. It is ideal for light general industrial direct-to-metal and primer applications. The key features are it provides excellent adhesion to metal, it has high gloss and further it has very good water and corrosion resistance.

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RayKote 444S

RayKote 444S is a styrene acrylic emulsion designed for blending with cement for flexible concrete and crack resistant stucco. Specifically designed as a polymer modifier for cement, it exhibits excellent compressive strength and crack resistance. Its high alkalinity allows compatibility with “green” cement to yield flexible concrete patches and overlays.

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RayPlus 1098

RayPlus 1098 is a core shell acrylic emulsion polymer designed specifically for wood, concrete and plastic substrates. Coatings formulated with RayPlus 1098 provide excellent UV, chemical and water resistance. Abrasion resistance and adhesion to multiple substrates is inherent in coating utilizing RayPlus 1098.

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Rovene 97982

Rovene 97982 is a very soft acrylic latex emulsion suggested as a base resin in flexible packaging laminating adhesives. It provides formulations with excellent clarity and UV stability, high tack and peel, and medium shear. It also has good adhesion to low surface energy substrates.

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SABOAMID CDO is a secondary surfactant used in cosmetics which have good detergent and foaming properties with a very low skin irritation effect.

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SUPERCON 100 is a high range water reducing superplasticizer used to achieve impermeable, honeycomb free, high quality concrete. It is highly recommended for roof slabs, water tanks, basements, foundations, floorings, bridge decks, etc. It modifies the properties of concrete such as workability, strength, permeability, cohesion etc.

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Tomadyne 100

Tomadyne 100 is a surfactant for water based degreaser and hard surface cleaner formulations. It is designed to be affordable and efficient while providing fast wetting and powerful emulsification.

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