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4-Bromophenol is a pinkish-brown crystalline solid mostly used as fungicide and wood preservative .4-Bromophenol and its derivatives is used waste water treatment.

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ACCELGUARD HE is a combination accelerating and water-reducing admixture for concrete. It improves the plastic and hardened properties of concrete such as workability, compressive and flexural strength and freeze-thaw resistance. It is a chloride based material, compatible with air entraining agents, but should be dispensed separately into the concrete mix. It provides high early strength for fast form stripping and further it cuts construction cost.

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ADVA CAST 600 is a polycarboxylate based high-range water reducer designed for the production of conventional and self consolidating concrete. It is formulated to impart improved workability to concrete over an extended period of time while still achieving high early age compressive strength. It may be used to produce concrete in applications with very low water/cementitious ratios, where concrete stability and improved tolerance to material variability are required, while maintaining high levels of workability over long periods of time.

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DIPICRYL 491D is an aqueous styrene acrylate polymer dispersion used to manufacture all types of adhesives, primers, spray plasters and textured finishes.

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FlexaTrac AGS

FlexaTrac AGS a dibasic acid (DBA), is a mixture of adipic, glutaric and succinic acids produced at Ascend's Pensacola, Florida, plant. FlexaTrac AGS is offered as a water-soluble liquid or as flakes with low metal impurities. FlexaTrac AGS provides a good source of dibasic acids for numerous applications, including plasticizers, polyester polyols, polyester resins, tanning operations, textile bleaching and limestone flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems. It is commonly used in FGD units to help reduce the amount of SO2 emissions in coal-fired power plants.

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Flexatrac DME

Flexatrac DME is an excellent solvent for many applications. Ascend offers several grades and mixtures of FlexaTrac-DME, ranging from highly purified grades to specific mixtures of two or three ester components. FlexaTrac DME (dimethyl or dibasic esters) is a clear, colorless, low-odor liquid produced by reacting methanol with streams of adipic, glutaric and succinic acids and then separated via fractionation. FlexaTrac-DMEs provide attractive alternatives to other solvents Low volatile organic compounds, Biodegradable and High solvency power.

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RODINE 213 SF is a NPE free (nonyl-phenol free) mildly acidic blend of proprietary corrosion inhibitor and glycol-ether based coupling agents with less than 1% Propargyl alcohol and surfactant. RODINE 213 SF is designed to inhibit the attack of hydrochloric acid on iron and steel during industrial cleaning and acid pickling operations. It is much low on toxicity yet very effective in corrosion inhibition properties with above 99% inhibition on most of the ferrous metals.RODINE 213 SF is a concentrated product and is used at various dosage rates depending upon the operating temperature. RODINE 213 SF is available in 50kgs HDPE jars and 200kgs HDPE barrels.

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Styrene Oxide

Styrene oxide is used as a reactive plasticizer or diluent for epoxy resins,It is also used in the production of styrene glycol and its derivatives;used as a raw material for the production of phenethyl alcohol used in perfumes;as a chemical intermediate for cosmetics, surface coatings, and agricultural and biological chemicals;and in the treatment of fibers and textiles.

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Succinic Acid

Succinic acid is a dicarboxylic acid. Succinate plays a biochemical role in the citric acid cycle. The name derives from Latin succinum, meaning amber, from which the acid may be obtained. The carboxylate anion is called succinate and esters of succinic acid are called alkyl succinates. Succinic acid is used as an flavoring agent for food and beverages. It is also used as a intermediate for dyes, perfumes, lacquers, photographic chemicals, alkyd resins, plasticizer, metal treatment chemical, and medicines.

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