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N,N-bis-(2-hydroxylethyl) Aminomethane Phosphonic Acid Diethyl Ester Industrial Grade

Levagard® 4090 N is especially suitable as flame retardant for rigid PUR foams. The product can support a
closed-cell foam structure and can be combined with other Levagard or Disflamoll products. Further applications
are possible in PF, EP and UP resins.


AS-P2 is a solvent, developed by us, primarily for use as a polymerization solvent for pigments, as well as cleaning solvents and reaction solvents.

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GAIN is a complexed carboxylic acid based bio stimulant which provides an assured performance and better yield enhancement. The important merits are it acts as anti stress & stimulator for plant, it champions vigorous plant growth, it turns down dropping of fruits and causes abundant flowering, it boosts resistance against diseases and pest attacks, it positively impacts upon the quality as well as the quantity in terms of the crop yield and further it musters endurance in the face of stressful conditions like climatic changes and scorching.

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ACL 15

ACL 15 is a chloride free accelerator used for cement concrete / mortar. It is used in concrete road construction, manufacturing of concrete blocks, foundation concrete, areas where water table is high and in marine structures.

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CH 087

CH 087 s an alkaline water based concentrate, designed to give optimum brightness, cleaning and degreasing of all painted and unpainted surfaces and components.

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DIAPON is a low-irritant anionic surfactant developed to be particularly soft on the skin. DIAPON, which is based on a vegetable oil-derived fatty acid, has been proven to display significantly lower irritation levels in a number of different safety tests. And because it also produces favorable foaming across a wide pH range, it is widely used in shampoo, facial cleansing foam, hand soap, and body liquid soap.

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DipCal is a highly effective, concentrated latex dipping coagulant with high purity. It is used for manufacturing rubber-dipped goods, including production of very thin articles such as examination/disposable and surgical gloves.

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I-Soap is a contact insect soap formulation that works by smothering and dehydrating insect. This disrupt the cell structure and permeability of their cell membrane and fungicide for the control of soft bodied insects like aphid, thrips, caterpillar, leafminer, mealybug, scale, mites, sprider, whitefly etc. I-Soap when used as a soil drench, can control root mealybugs. It also can prevent and control powdery mildew.

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NitCal is a chloride-free set-accelerator nitrate-based product sold to concrete admixture companies all over the world. It is widely used in formulations of chloride-free set-accelerating admixtures.

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AMAZING is a bio-pesticide, bio-degradable, non- toxic and non-polluting based on oligosaccharides which is extracted from animal source. The important merits are it defends against nematodes, it is an ideal safeguard against fungal diseases like early and late blight, stem rot, root rot and wilt amongst others. It spurs certain plant hormones that in turn impel root formation, stem growth, fruit formation and development and further it is responsible for promoting disease-free and early vegetative flourishing as well as enhancing germination when used for treatment of seeds.

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