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RayFlex 787

RayFlex 787 is an APEO free, self-crosslinking, 100% elastomeric acrylic emulsion polymer designed for flexible roof coatings. Coatings formulated with RayFlex 787 have excellent water and efflorescence resistance, low temperature flexibility and outstanding tensile properties. It provides superior adhesion to polyurethane foam and various construction substrates.

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RayKote 1431

RayKote 1431 is a styrene acrylic emulsion polymer designed specifically as a cost-effective and user friendly vehicle for industrial wood primer applications. It is used for factory applied interior and exterior wood primers. The key features are it has excellent block resistance, it is water resistant and further it has outstanding sandability.

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RayKote 1515

RayKote 1515 is a styrene acrylic emulsion polymer designed for masonry, plaster, concrete applications. It provides excellent water, alkali and efflorescence resistance. It is ideal for textured finishes as it has very good pigment binding capacity and shear stability when used as part of the grind base.

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RayKote 2001

RayKote 2001 is a styrene acrylic emulsion polymer that provides excellent adhesion and high gloss. It exhibits good corrosion and water resistance in coatings specifically made for primer applications. It is ideal for light general industrial direct-to-metal and primer applications. The key features are it provides excellent adhesion to metal, it has high gloss and further it has very good water and corrosion resistance.

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RayKote 444S

RayKote 444S is a styrene acrylic emulsion designed for blending with cement for flexible concrete and crack resistant stucco. Specifically designed as a polymer modifier for cement, it exhibits excellent compressive strength and crack resistance. Its high alkalinity allows compatibility with “green” cement to yield flexible concrete patches and overlays.

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RayPlus 1098

RayPlus 1098 is a core shell acrylic emulsion polymer designed specifically for wood, concrete and plastic substrates. Coatings formulated with RayPlus 1098 provide excellent UV, chemical and water resistance. Abrasion resistance and adhesion to multiple substrates is inherent in coating utilizing RayPlus 1098.

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Reduced Erbium Metal Purified 99%

Erbium metal by reduction method, distillation method

Er REM 99.9%

rare earth metal

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Rodine 213 SPL

Rodine 213 SPL is a high foaming acidic blend of concentrated organic cationic inhibitor with surfactants and stabilizers to impart cleaning and extended inhibitor life. Rodine 213 SPL is designed to prevent the acidic attack of Hydrochloric acid (of all concentration) on various metals such as Copper, Brass, Nickel, Tin, Lead, Zinc, Galvanized surface and all type of steel. Rodine 213 SPL can be used for blending or formulating pre-inhibited descalant or acidic cleaners. It also arrests the fuming characteristic of HCL to up to 80%.Rodine 213 SPL can be used for formulating pre-inhibited cleaners or descalant.

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Rodine 214

Rodine 214 Acid Inhibitor has the same formula as Rodine 213 inhibitor with the exception that the approved defoamer for the product and red dye has been included in the product so that the presence of the Inhibitor in an acid cleaning bath. Rodine 214 should be stored in original containers in cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, flame and direct sunlight.

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Rovene 4049

Rovene 4049 is a carboxylated styrene-butadiene emulsion that has high cohesive strength. Films demonstrate highly water and grease resistant coatings with low moisture vapor transmission imparting good tensile strength with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

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