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SATOL HAC is a high alkaline liquid cleaner with a combination of non ionic surfactants, sodium hydroxide and phosphates. Non Ionic surfactant reduces the surface tension, sodium hydroxide provides cleaning effect and phosphates provide penetration effects.

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SATOL P is a powder based caustic additive for internal cleaning and disinfection of tanks, equipments and very soiled pipework. It is a perfect combination of non ionic and cationic biodegradable surfactants with speciality phosphate and sequesting agents.

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Sodium dithionite (also known as sodium hydrosulfite) is a white crystalline powder with a weak sulfurous odor. It is the sodium salt of dithionous acid. Although it is stable under most conditions, it will decompose in hot water and in acid solutions

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STENZA AR is a very unique adhesive remover and it offers excellent results for label and gum stains removal from any hard surface. This product is having no irritation on human skin and also having fine odour.

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SUPERCON 100 is a high range water reducing superplasticizer used to achieve impermeable, honeycomb free, high quality concrete. It is highly recommended for roof slabs, water tanks, basements, foundations, floorings, bridge decks, etc. It modifies the properties of concrete such as workability, strength, permeability, cohesion etc.

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SURFLEN is a modified polyolefin elastomer with improved weather resistant adhesion and low temperature flexibility/shock resistance. It was developed uniquely in our company as a primer for coating non-polar olefin resin surfaces such as polypropylene and polyethylene. SURFLEN binds well not only to polyolefin but also to various plastics and metal materials, and can be used in a wide range of applications including paints, print and adhesive primers for these materials.

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Selenium Sulfide Industrial Grade 99%

Selenium sulfide is bright orange to reddish brown powder, which has little smell of hydrogen sulfide. It is a kind of chemical raw medicine, however it can do anti-dandruff adding in shampoo. Selenium disulfide has the effect of antifungal and curing seborrhea. Seleninic acid is the raw material.

Selenium Sulfide 

CAS No.: 7488-56-4 EINECS No.: 231-303-8 Molecular Formula: SeS2 Molecular Weight: 143.09
Melting Point: 100℃ UN 2657 6.1/PG 2    


Selenium sulphide can cure tinea versicolor, head seborrheic dermatitis, scurf and multicolored snake skin tinea. Its preparations are suspensions. SeS2 can add to shampoo for anti-dandruff. The allowed maximum concentration in cosmetics is 0.5%

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Selleys 3 in 1 Adhesive, Sealant & Gap Filler

Selleys 3 in 1 Adhesive, Sealant & Gap Filler is perfect for virtually any sealing, bonding and filling application and for virtually any surface. As a construction adhesive it provides high strength bond and it is water and weather resistant. As a sealant it provides a lasting waterproof seal and can be used on all indoor and outdoor surfaces. As a gap filler it is highly durable and provides long lasting resistance to cracking and crumbling.

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Sodium -2-ethyl hexanoate Technical 99.9%

Sodium 2-ethylhexanoate is useful in acylation of amines. It is an active ingredient in wood preservative agent. It is mainly used for synthetic 2-ethylhexanoic acid and calcium, magnesium salts. It is also used in salt forming agent of pharmaceutical, dry catalytic agent of the paint, polymer stabilizers, crosslinking agent, thickening agent of oil, and energy-saving additive of fuel.

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Sodium Borohydried

Appearance (Colour)


Appearance (Form)

Crystalline hygroscopic powder


min. 95%


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