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4-Methyl-1-pentene is used as a monomer for olefin polymerisation.

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5-Aminoisophthalic Acid

5-Aminoisophthalic Acid is used for manufacturing Triodo AIPA and ATIPA-dichloride,non-ionic X-ray contrast media, Iohexol, Iopamidol intermeidates,and also used in contrast agents and dye materials.

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ACCELGUARD HE is a combination accelerating and water-reducing admixture for concrete. It improves the plastic and hardened properties of concrete such as workability, compressive and flexural strength and freeze-thaw resistance. It is a chloride based material, compatible with air entraining agents, but should be dispensed separately into the concrete mix. It provides high early strength for fast form stripping and further it cuts construction cost.

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ACL 15

ACL 15 is a chloride free accelerator used for cement concrete / mortar. It is used in concrete road construction, manufacturing of concrete blocks, foundation concrete, areas where water table is high and in marine structures.

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ADVA 380

ADVA 380 is a high efficiency polycarboxylate- based superplasticizer intended for the production of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) in ready-mix applications. The superplasticizer has been formulated to extend slump-flow life while imparting extreme work ability without segregation to concrete, to achieve high early compressive strength. It is ideal for use in applications where concrete needs to achieve high early strength along with high levels of workability.

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ADVA CAST 600 is a polycarboxylate based high-range water reducer designed for the production of conventional and self consolidating concrete. It is formulated to impart improved workability to concrete over an extended period of time while still achieving high early age compressive strength. It may be used to produce concrete in applications with very low water/cementitious ratios, where concrete stability and improved tolerance to material variability are required, while maintaining high levels of workability over long periods of time.

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AMAZING is a bio-pesticide, bio-degradable, non- toxic and non-polluting based on oligosaccharides which is extracted from animal source. The important merits are it defends against nematodes, it is an ideal safeguard against fungal diseases like early and late blight, stem rot, root rot and wilt amongst others. It spurs certain plant hormones that in turn impel root formation, stem growth, fruit formation and development and further it is responsible for promoting disease-free and early vegetative flourishing as well as enhancing germination when used for treatment of seeds.

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AS-P2 is a solvent, developed by us, primarily for use as a polymerization solvent for pigments, as well as cleaning solvents and reaction solvents.

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