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N,N-dimethyl Chloro ethane HCl 9DMC Technical 99

Melting point : 201-204 °C(lit.)
storage temp. : Store below +30°C.
solubility : 2000g/l
form : Crystalline Powder or Crystals
color : White to brown-yellow
Water Solubility : 2000 g/L (20 ºC)
Sensitive : Hygroscopic
BRN : 3591234


Potassium Tetrachloroaurate Industrial Grade 99%

Potassium tetrachloroaurate is yellow crystalline powder, which is a noble metal salts. It is soluble in water, alcohol and ether.

Potassium Tetrachloroaurate


CAS No.:13682-61-6 EINECS No.:237-190-1 Molecular Formula:AuCl4K Molecular Weight:377.88
Au≥52.0% Melting Point:300℃


Thallium Trifluoroacetate Industrial Grade 99.9%

Thallium trifluoroacetate is white crystalline powder or particles, which turns brown or viscous. Thallium reagent is a kind of aromatic compound. It is hygroscopic and dissolve in water. (CF3COO)3Tl is short for TTFA. It is extremely toxic. Please be caution when handling it. Thallium(III) oxide is the raw material.

Thallium Trifluoroacetate

CAS No.:23586-53-0 EINECS No.: 245-761-1 Molecular Formula: C6O6FTl Molecular Weight:543.43
Melting Point: 213℃ UN1707 6.1/PG 2 Storage Condition:2-8℃  


Thallium(III) trifluoroacetate is important intermediate for synthesizing aromatic iodide, aromatic fluroide, aromatic nitrile and phenol. It is also raw material for symmetric and asymetric biphenyl and arylboronic acid.


3-(N-Ethyl-N-isoamylamino)-6-methyl-7-anilinofluoran is an specialty chemical which is used in construction field.

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Duzzit 3311 High Temperature Synthetic Grease with Molybdenum

Duzzit 3311 High Temperature Synthetic Grease with Molybdenum is a high-purity, high-quality, grey coloured, odorless, NLGI grade 2 fully synthetic grease with approximately 3% MoS2. It provides superior lubrication and durability under extreme conditions. This versatile grease is designed for heavy duty applications requiring long grease life. It will not freeze, melt and gum up. It contains anti oxidants, anti corrosion & extreme pressure additives. It has exceptional load-bearing properties. It's tough, high viscosity film provides excellent mechanical stability when sudden temperature changes occur. It is recommended for lubrication and protection of textile, plastic and paper machines and ovens, furnaces, bakery conveyors etc.

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