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CYANEX 272 Extractant

CYANEX 272 Extractant has proven to be the reagent of choice for the separation of cobalt from nickel from both sulfate and chloride media. It is now being used to produce a major portion of the world’s cobalt. CYANEX 272 Extractant is totally miscible with common aromatic and aliphatic diluents, and is extremely stable to both heat and hydrolysis.

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CYANEX 923 Extractant

Cytec Surface Specialties Germany GmbH is a supplier of CYANEX 923 Extractant which is a liquid phosphine oxide and has potential applications in the solvent extraction recovery of both organic and inorganic solutes from aqueous solution, e.g. carboxylic acids from effluent streams and the removal of arsenic impurities from copper electrolytes. Buy CYANEX 923 Extractant which exhibits a separation factor in ethanol/water solutions near the maximum useful limit for recovery from continuous fermentation broths, typically containing 5% ethanol.

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Carbohydrazide is used as an oxygen scavenger in water treatment for boilers. It is an alternative to the hazardous and potentially carcinogenic hydrazine. Carbohydrazide reacts with oxygen to make water and nitrogen and urea. It also passivates metals and reduces metal oxides. It is widely used in the production of drugs, herbicides,rubber, plant growth regulators, and dyestuffs.

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Carbowet GA-100

Carbowet GA-100 surfactant is a proprietary combination of nonionic wetting and stabilizing surface active chemistries. It offers low foam wetting of substrates and pigments as well as providing compatibilization and stabilization benefits in coating and ink formulations and dispersions. The surfactant offers balanced performance for architectural paint formulations and excellent compatibility with associative thickeners.

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Chargex is an innovative and modern bio-stimulant for stimulation growth & increase in yield with high quality. It is recommended for foliar & soil application for all vegetables, groundnut, grapes, cotton, oilseed and chillies & to every types of fruit for stimulating growth, promotion of flowering & thus increase in yields. The amino acids, vitamin & protein rich base incorporated in its constitution gives a healthy and vigorous growth with quality & quantity yield. Chargex brings about overall vegetative growth of plants. It increase the number of flowers and fruits. It also helps in increasing the size, luster on fruits and also increase the shelf life of produce.

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Chloro ethanol Technical 99

Photodissociation of 2-chloro ethanol in a molecular beam at 193nm has been investigated[1]. 2-Chloroethanol is widely used as industrial solvent

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DARACEM 50 is a mid-range water reducer specifically formulated to produce concretes with dramatically enhanced finishing characteristics and normal setting times. It is an aqueous solution of complex organic compounds, each of which contributes uniquely to the concrete’s final properties. It produces a concrete with lower water content, improved placement properties and enhanced finishability.

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DAREX AEA EH is an air-entraining admixture which generates a highly stable air void system for increased protection against damage from freezing and thawing, severe weathering, or de-icer chemicals. It is a complex mixture of organic acid salts in an aqueous solution specifically formulated for use as an air-entraining admixture for concrete. It performs well in conventional concrete and is effective in plasticizing mixes with slag, lightweight, or manufactured aggregates which tend to produce harsh concrete.

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