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Diphosphoric Acid

Diphosphoric acid is also known under the name Pyrophosphoric acid. It is used in preparation of soaps ,detergents and cosmetics

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Duzzit 27 Chain & Wire Rope Lubricant

Duzzit 27 Chain & Wire Rope Lubricant is a special blend of mineral oil and tackifier with solvents to keep chains and wire rope in peak operating condition. It is recommended for use as a lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. With a low viscosity and wet film, this lube penetrates deeply between chain links and wire strands to reduce friction and wear that cause metal fatigue. It contains tackifier that enables the lubricant to cling tenaciously to metal surfaces without increasing the viscosity. Its regular use will help inhibit corrosion, reduce load stress and prevent wire strands from becoming brittle and fraying.

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Duzzit 27 Lubricant

Duzzit 27 Lubricant is a high-purity, non-oily, non-sticky, low toxic cleaner cum light-duty synthetic lubricant. It forms a colorless, odorless, non-staining lubricating film. It is chemically inert, anti-corrosive, water repellant protective coating & is designed for general purpose home, office, automotive and industrial use applications. It is available in dry & wet formulation as per the application requirement. It is safe on metal, plastic, nylon, rubber, vinyl, fiberglass, fabric, foam and wood.

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Duzzit 27 Molybdenum Disulfide Lubricant

Duzzit 27 Molybdenum Disulfide Lubricant is a dry film lubricant fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) that reduces friction and improves overall operating performance. This lubricant bonds instantly to metal, rubber, plastic and most substrates to form a dirt repelling barrier that lubricates and protects the surface from pressure and friction. It forms a continuous, tough layer that provides a low coefficient of friction. It withstands high temperature up to 650° F & has extreme pressure properties. It is used as a general maintenance lubricant on gaskets, transfer belts and conveyor belts and as an assembly lube on motors, plant machinery and handling equipment.

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Duzzit 3303 Anti-Seize Assembly Compound

Duzzit 3303 Anti-Seize Assembly Compound is a high-purity, high-quality, NLGI grade 2 lithium-based grey coloured compound with approximately 50% MoS2. It is a pre-assembly lubricating compound formulated to prevent scuffing and scoring of mechanical components at start up, provide extreme pressure protection, protect against galling and corrosion, reduce wear and heat to extend component life and protection against lubricant starvation.

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Duzzit 3311 High Temperature Synthetic Grease with Molybdenum

Duzzit 3311 High Temperature Synthetic Grease with Molybdenum is a high-purity, high-quality, grey coloured, odorless, NLGI grade 2 fully synthetic grease with approximately 3% MoS2. It provides superior lubrication and durability under extreme conditions. This versatile grease is designed for heavy duty applications requiring long grease life. It will not freeze, melt and gum up. It contains anti oxidants, anti corrosion & extreme pressure additives. It has exceptional load-bearing properties. It's tough, high viscosity film provides excellent mechanical stability when sudden temperature changes occur. It is recommended for lubrication and protection of textile, plastic and paper machines and ovens, furnaces, bakery conveyors etc.

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Dynol 960

Dynol 960 superwetting surfactant is an optimized siloxane-based surfactant providing excellent equilibrium and dynamic surface tension reduction in a wide range of aqueous formulations. Designed to provide superwetting on difficult-to-wet substrates, it offers superior substrate wetting with extremely low foam. The characteristics of Dynol 960 surfactant enable exceptional performance in waterborne plastic coatings and printing inks. It can also provide good flow and leveling under diverse application conditions.

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Dysprosium Hydride Industrial Grade 99.9%

Dysprosium hydride is rare earth metal hydride powder.

Dysprosium Hydride

Purity: Dy/RE 99.9% 3N

Particle size: -100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:13537-09-2 EC No.:236-900-7 Molecular Formula:DyH3 Molecular Weight:165.524


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Dysprosium Oxalate Industrial Grade 99%

Dysprosium oxalate exist as decahydrate normally, which is white crystal. It is insoluble in water. Dysprosium(III) oxalate decahydrate lose one water molecular at 40℃. Dysprosium nitrate is the raw material.

Dysprosium Oxalate


CAS No.:24670-07-3 Molecular Formula:C6H20Dy2O22 Molecular Weight:769.2


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EL-MONOBOND is a non re-emulsifiable epoxy latex based bonding agent. It is used as waterproof coating over concrete surfaces like terraces, roofs, basements, sunken slabs, liftpits, bridge decks, soffits, inside/outside surfaces of PSC box girders, marine structures like jetties, walls, etc. It is a two-component non re-emulsifiable epoxy latex system which can be used for plain and cement modified coating applications over concrete/plastered substrates.

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