Stabilizers are physical stability, chemical stability improver food additives



Sucroglycerides are a mixture of mono- and diesters of sucrose and fatty acids with mono-, di- and triglycerides from fat or oil. It is produced by reacting the sucrose and fat/oil together with or without the presence of a solvent. Usually the solvent is either dimethyl formamide, cyclohexane, isobutanol, isopropanol, or ethyl acetate. It is used as an emulsifier, stabiliser and thickener in many foods.

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Sucrose Ester of fatty acid

Sucrose Ester Of Fatty Acids are the mono, di and triesters of sucrose with edible fatty acids.Sucrose Ester of Fatty Acids occur as white to yellow-brown powdery or massive substances, or as colorless to red-brown, viscous resinous or liquid substances.It is used to stabilise soups, dairy desserts, mayonnaise and margarine. It can also be found in chewing gum, coffee and tea beverages with added dairy ingredients, and as a protective coating on some fresh fruit.

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Trimagnesium Bis(Orthophosphate)

Trimagnesium Bis(Orthophosphate) is used as nutritional supplement, anti-coagulant, PH regulator and stablizer in food industry. It is also applicable as precipt and grinding material in dental industry.

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ammonium citrate dibasic

Ammonium citrate dibasic is also named diammonium citrate or ammonium hydrogen citrate.It is a dibasic salt of citric acid and produced by complete neutralisation of citric acid with high purity ammonium hydroxide.It occurs as white colorless crystals. It is freely soluble in water with non-toxic.The PH value of ammonium citrate dibasic is often during 4.5 to 5.5 . And it easily deliquesces so that it should be kept in dry and airtight container .



   Ammonium citrate dibasic is mainly used as analysis reagent,buffer agent and textile           

   plasticizer material.It can be widely used in electronic capacitor industry also.Especially it

   can obviously improve performances of starch size film and adhesion of pure cotton yarn 

as a good textile auxiliary .

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calcium hydroxide lab grade 97% USP 97%+


“Calcium Hydroxide”, having CAS-No: 1305-62-0, and traditionally being called hydrated lime or slaked lime, is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula as Ca(OH)2. It is free flowing super fine super white powder, free from grits & other contaminations and is obtained when calcium oxide (quicklime) is "slaked" with water, to form “Hydrated Lime”. Calcium Hydroxide is used in a wide variety of traditional & emerging applications, because of its chemical & physical properties. These are high quality optimum products, compliant to various compendiums, being diligently processed under good manufacturing practices. These products are free from all known allergens and do not contain any prohibitory or toxic chemicals or non-kosher ingredients. The usual shelf life of the product is three to six months from the date of manufacturing of batch. This grade of Calcium Hydroxide shall be usable for a vast number of applications.

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carboxymethyl cellulose FOOD GRADE >99.5%

Carboxymethyl Cellulose Description:

Product Name: Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

Synonyms: carmellose, E466, cellulose gum

Grade: Food grade

CAS No.: 9004-32-4

M.F.: [C6H7O2(OH)2CH2COONa]n

M.W.: 264.204

Food grade CMC produced by Fortune Biotech is featured by high acid-tolerance, high salt-tolerance, high transparency, few free fiber, few gel granule, fast dissolving speed. Good solution fluidity after dissolving. Molecular distribute uniformly. Purity is more than 99.5% to prevent the food from influence of other substances.

Product Model & Specifications (In accordance with GB1886.232-2016)

Items             Model









1% Soln. brookfield viscosity  (mPa.s)









2% Soln. Viscosity










Degree of substitution






Purity    (%)


Chloride  (%)


Sodium glycolate (%)




Loss on drying   (%)


Na  (%)


As  (mg/kg)


Pb  (mg/kg)


Total plate count  (cfu/g)


Mould & yeast   (cfu/g)


E.coli          (cfu/g)

Not detected

Salmonella      (cfu/g)

Not detected

Staphylococcus aureus


Not detected


1). Increase water retention in food to prolong self-life.

2). Film formation in fried food to reduce fat absorption.

3). Thickening agent.

4). Reduce ice crystals formation in frozen foods.

5). Increase chemical, thermal, and light stability in food.


25kg/kraft bag ,or 1000kg/jumbo bag

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collagen hydrolysate FOOD GRADE 90%

 Popular food ingredients and additives in food and cosmetic industries

1. Fish and bovine collagen available

2. 50 g free samples can be offered

3.3000 tons annum production volume

4.500~3000 molecular weight

5. Packing;10KG/paper carton

Main functions

(1) Collagen can protect the skin, make the skin flexible; 

(3) Collagen can protect eye, make cornea transparent; 
(3) Collagen can make bones hard and flexible, not loose fragile; 
(4) Collagen can promote muscle cell connection and make it flexible and gloss; 
(5) Collagen can protect and strengthen viscera; 
(6) Collagen also has other important functions:

Improve immune, inhibite cancer cells, activate cells function, hemostasis, activate muscles, treat arthritis and pain, prevent skin aging, eliminate wrinkles. 

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p-Nonylphenol is an organic compound consisting of a n-nonyl group attached to the 4-position of phenol.It causes endocrine disruption and affects sperm quality of mammals and fish.

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phosphate group FOOD GRADE

THAIFOOD-N (Non Phosphate) is a mixture of food grade sodium/calcium salts and food materials in a ratio to provide excellent performance in reducing drip loss, improve moisture retention, prevent freeze burn, suitable for flavor and texture improvement of seafood products.

Packing: 20 kg/bag
MOQ: 20 tonnes
Payment Term: T/T,L/C
Sample: Available

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sodium carboxymethyl starch (cms) purified FOOD GRADE 99%

Fushixin Company is a professional manufacturer in producing Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) & Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC). CMC solution has good properties of thickening, adhering, emulsifying, and stabilizing. Membrane forming, moisture-holding, shape-holding, dispersing and anti-enzyme. The solution of CMC can be mixed with dissolvable animal glues, glycerin, sobbitol, Arabic gum, pectin, xanthic gum and dissolvable starch.Our product is widely used in foodtoothpastepharmacyoil drillingminingpaper makingceramicstextilepaint and other industries.

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