Textile stain removers removes stains like oil, grease, food contents from textile fabrics


Saumascour CSR

Saumascour CSR is a powerful, all-purpose Stain Remover and Scouring aid. Saumascour CSR is particularly good with oil and grease stains. It is not miscible in water. It is applicable to cotton and synthetic fabrics.

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Saumascour DES

Saumascour DES is particularly good for oil and grease stains and de-sizing of cottonfabrics at 60-90 deg C.

Saumanol SR 100

Saumanol SR 100 is a powerful, all-purpose Stain Remover and Scouring aid. Saumanol SR 100 is particularly good with oil and grease stains.It is applicable to polyester and its blends.

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AMINIPOL D PASTE is fatty alcohol sulphonates based anionic detergent and soaping agent specially formulated for preparatory and post colouration soaping purpose.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Buy Isopropyl Alcohol from BenzerMultitech India Pvt Ltd at best price. Isopropyl Alcohol is also known as isopropanol, a secondary alcohol and structural isomer of 1-propanol and ethyl methyl ether. It has the formula C3H8O in which the alcohol carbon atom is attached to two other carbon atoms. Isopropyl Alcohol used as a solvent for various industries such as chemical, antiseptics, disinfectants, detergents, and biological laboratory specimen preservative. BenzerMultitech India Pvt Ltd is a qualified supplier who offers premium quality Isopropyl Alcohol of lab grade.

Koloclean FB OL Liquid

Koloclean FB OL Liquid is anionic economic APEO free stain removing,scouring,wetting agent.

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TEXTAUX Scouring K-9100

TEXTAUX Scouring K-9100 is anionic surfactant preparation used as scouring and stain removing auxiliary for cotton textiles.

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TEXTAUX Scouring K-9101

TEXTAUX Scouring K-9101 is stain remover and scouring agent with excellent surface activity. It can also be used for spot cleaning of stubborn stains.

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TEXTAUX Scouring K-9107

TEXTAUX Scouring K-9107 is having excellent dirt removing,scouring properties khondi mark remover & removal of grepinte stains. TEXTAUX Scouring K-9107 is stable to both acids and alkali substances.

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White crystal powder, non-toxic, salty in taste, soluble in water and aqueous solution, insoluble in ethanol, alkalescence, deliquescent in the air, easily labile at high temperature, release  carbon dioxide. Its density is 2.16~2.22g/cm³


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