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Lead Acetate Trihydrate

Lead Acetate Trihydrate is used in cosmetics.It is used to detect the poisonous gas hydrogen sulfide.It is used as an astringent, in the form of Goulard's Extract.

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Bismuth Metal USP 99.99%

bismuth metal ingot, powder, piece, lump, target, powder, granule, wire, foil, plate

Bi 99.99%

semiconductor, welding

Dicyclohexylamine Nitrite

Dicyclohexylamine is used as an additive for prevention of CO2, corrosion in steam pipelines and boilers. It is used as an intermediate for the production of antioxidants and vulcanization accelerator. It is used as a catalyst for flexible polyurethane foams.

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ITO Target Purified 99.9%

Indium tin oxide sputtering target thermal conductive electric conductive ITO round chip 

therm spray, evaporation coating material, vacuum coating material

Dicyclohexylamine Benzoate

Dicyclohexylamine Benzoate is used as pharmaceutical intermediate and volatile corrosion inhibitor.

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