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Dificide 800 is a Diothio –carbamate based biocide used in sugar industry.

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Diffloc 724 is used as a flocculant for syrup/melt /refinery clarification system

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Diffloc 725 is used as a flocculant for filtrate clarification System

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Difsoft 250 is used as a scale inhibitor. Its penetration properties softens and loosens the scale making salts , easily removable

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Diffloc 985

Diffloc 985 is a anionic polyacrylamide having highest molecular weight for juice clarification.

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POEM Z-200E is safe anti-scaling agents used to control the growth of scale in the multiple effect evaporator in sugar factories. Its main component is the glycerin fatty acid esters. POEM Z-200E is a water dispersible emulsion and can be added directly or in water diluted solution to clarified juice and syrup. POEM Z-200E can prevent scale from growing on the evaporator's heat transfer surface while embrittling the scale partially grown.

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Polcid bp800 is a blend of surface active agent which has been specifically designed for improving the characteristics of the maceration water so that the extraction is better, thereby reducing pol in bagasse.

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ProCide DXL

ProCide DXL is a Dithio carbamate based Non-Oxidizing Biocide, and mill sanitation chemical.It is used reduce the bacteria and fungi in sugar mill.

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ProScale XL

ProScale XL is an antiscalant inhibits the formation of scales in sugar mill evaporators tubes.

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ProZyme DEX

ProZyme DEX is a dextranase for dextran reduction.In sugar production, dextrans are undesirable compounds increasing the viscosity of the flow and reducing industrial recovery, bringing about significant losses. The use of ProZyme DEX is the most efficient method for hydrolyzing the dextrans at sugar mills.

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