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It is a synergistic blend of long chain quaternary amine and dispersing salt to effective control sucrose loss due to microbial inversion is reduced enhancing output of sugar.

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It is a water-based, 100% non-silicone antifoam emulsion highly effective antifoamer with immediate effect at low concentration and long active in preventing new foam formation. It can be used in all production steps of the sugar manufacturing, i.e. it can be used in the washing process (water ways), the diffusion (sugar house) as well as in the molasses.

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Based on fatty acid glycol ester to inhibit the formation of foam of juice and diffusers, as well as syrup and molasses.

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Based on anionic biodegradable sulfated castor oil, excellent defoaming properties use for the sugar & distillery

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AVIPOL-PG100 is a nonionic special pan boiling additive designed to increase sugar yield and lower molasses purity, improve purging, massecuite fluidity, speed graining, and form sharper crystals.

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AVIPOL-VZ600 is a organic oleate base pan aid cum defoamer. It is used to maintain product rates by lowering the viscosity of the massecuite during periods when it is particularly high, for example during periods of heavy rain or processing old or burnt cane.

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It is used as a decoluring agent for sugar refineries which are producing with “Tate & Lyle” process. Product based on quaternary ammonium compound derived from fatty acids. It's precipitates colorants and high molecular impurities from sugar solution. It achieved this by the attachment of a water insoluble fatty acid residue (cationic) to the higher water soluble anionic colourant/impurity molecule.

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Accepta 2903

Accepta 2903 is a high performance antifoam suitable for use in sugar beet applications and in used as an defoaming agent.

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Aquazine1412 is a liquid specially developed chemical composition for softening the scales in the evaporator bodies of sugar industry during cleaning process. It can be added to caustic soda in specific proportions during the soda boiling of evaporator bodies.

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Avicide BC40

Avicide BC40 is a organic antimicrobial based on dual antibiotics with special ingredient effective for bacteriostatic and bactericidal action of cane sugar mill. It is based on a antibiotic and natural synthesis is particularly effective against gram-positive bacteria such as Leuconostoc Mesenteroides.

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