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ProFloc 4006

ProFloc 4006 is a juice clarification agent used for the removal of suspended impurities by rapid settling.Our offered ProFloc 4006 is an Anionic Based Polyelectrolyte.

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ProFloc 9120

ProFloc 9120 is an anionic flocculant and it is anionic based polyelectrolyte for Juice clarification. ProFloc 9120 can remove suspended impurities by rapid settling.

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ProFlote 100

ProFlote 100 is an anionic based Polyelectrolyte for refinery liquor clarification. ProFlote 100 is used for removal of suspended impurities by flotation liquor clarifier.

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ProSurf 3007

ProSurf 3007 is a polymer (DOSS Polymer + IPA) based viscosity reducer for Pan boiling.

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Proquat BC50

Proquat BC50 are bactericides and biocides for microbiological control, especially for leuconostoc. Applications include water treatment, water deposits in paper mills, sugar mills, clarifiers.

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QEMI DF 8121

QEMI DF 8121 is a active organic defoamer.It is used for fermentation, distillation, paper processing,sugar processing,latex and adhesives,and effluent processing.

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QEMI DF 8243

QEMI DF 8243 is an food grade silicone defoamer.It is a water dilutable silicone material.It is used to suppress foam in processing non standardized foods.

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QEMI DF 8322

QEMI DF 8322 is an low foaming, fast penetrating active organic defoamer.It is used for fermentation,distillation, paper processing,sugar processing latex and adhesives,and effluent processing.

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QEMICLAR VLC is a cationic polyelectrolite in liquid form used as a decolorizing agent or flocculant in the clarification of raw or refinery sugar liquors, syrups and juices.

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QEMIZYME AAM is a bacterial alpha-amylase for economical starch liquefaction in food, beverage and corn syrup.It liquefies starches in dual-enzyme processes to produce dextrose, high fermentable syrups and high maltose syrups.

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