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QEMICORR IN-3 is a special organic, liquid, cationic corrosion inhibitor.It inhibit the attack of Hydrochloric acid on copper, brass, iron and steel during industrial cleaning applications.It is a low foaming,fast penetrating product.

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QEMIQUAT 3050 is highly effective quaternary ammonium based broad spectrum microbiocide.It increases sucrose recovery.

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QEMITREAT SEP is a special liquid cationic polyelectrolite.It is used as a decolorizing agent or flocculant in the clarification of refinery sugar liquors, syrups, and juices.

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Santocide Q20

Santocide Q20 is a micro biocide for mill sanitation. It control growth of bacteria & fungi found in cane which cause considerable loss of source by inversion in to dextrin.

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Santofloc J30

Santofloc J30 is a juice clarification aid. It is a very high molecular weight flocculent and clarification aid for cane sugar juice.

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Santofloc S30

Santofloc S30 is a syrup clarification aid . It is water soluble polymers for use as a flocculant in the process of thick syrup clarification.

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Santofoam M30

Santofoam M30 is a defoaming agent. Based on non-ionic polysilicon oxide inhibit the formation of foam of juice in flumes and diffusers, as well as syrup and molasses.

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SynkroDex5000 enzyme is the most efficient method for hydrolyzing these dextrans at sugar mills.SynkroDex5000 reduces the Viscosity problems due to dextran content in juice & Syrup while processing, icreases the efficiency of Boil House,saves approximately 1-2.0 Kgs of Sugar loss per Ton of crushed sugarcane due to Dextran,increases the clarity of juice and final yield, Increases the extraction capacity due to faster filtration rate.

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Taurine CR 60

Taurine CR 60 is highly effective against acid producing bacteria and fungi. It is a blend of poly diallyldimethylammonium chloride and cationic polymers.It is used as a colour coagulant.

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Viscocent M30

Viscocent M30 is a viscosity reducer pan aid. It is an effective polymeric liquid scale inhibitor used to inhibit formation of scale in evaporators.

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