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Santreat MZ S 1800

Santreat MZ S 1800 is used as a antiscalant for sugar mills

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Santreat MZ S 1900

Santreat MZ S 1900 is used as a scale softner for sugar mills.

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Santreat MZ S 2000

Santreat MZ S 2000 is used as a viscosity reducer for sugar during processing in mill.

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Aquaquest- Defoamer is a silicon based defoamer.

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Glacial Acetic acid

Ultra Chemical Works is the major stockiest & supplier of glacial acetic acid. We are offering glacial acetic acid-free from water i.e, anhydrous acetic acid. Ultra Chemical Works supply this glacial acetic acid to the client for their polymer compounds production, other Vinyl acetate monomer, and foresters production. Our clients can buy glacial acetic acid online at the most reasonable market price.

MSR SM Scaleban 330

MSR SM Scaleban 330 provides inhibition for the formation of Hard Scales on evaporator bodies in Sugar Mills.

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Strontium Carbonate

Strontium carbonate is the carbonate salt of strontium. The most common use is as an inexpensive colorant in fireworks. It is used for electronic applications. It is used in the preparation of iridescent glass, luminous paints, strontium oxide or strontium salts and in refining sugar. It is widely used in the ceramics industry as an ingredient in glazes. It acts as a flux and also modifies the color of certain metallic oxides. It is also used in the manufacturing of strontium ferrites for permanent magnets which are used in loud speakers and door magnets.

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Aquaquest- Color PPS is a blend of poly DMDAC and cationic polymers and is used as a colour coagulant.

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Calcium Hypochlorite

Calcium Hypochlorite supplied by Brenntag Pte Ltd is an inorganic compound with white/grey powder appearance, having the formula Ca(OCl)2. Industrially it is produced by treating lime with chlorine gas. Calcium Hypochlorite commonly in the form of granular or tablet form used to sanitize swimming pools and disinfect drinking water. In the laboratory, calcium hypochlorite is used to manufacture chloroform. Buy Calcium Hypochlorite online from Brenntag Pte Ltd the best Calcium Hypochlorite supplier and trader at the best price and premium quality.

CarboUA product FA10

CarboUA product FA10 is a diatomaceous earth filtration aid specifically designed for purifying cane sugar, beet sugar, and starch-derived sweeteners such as glucose and HFCS. CarboUA product FA10 is designed to produce a clear filtrate while offering high operating flow rates. CarboUA product FA10 is used as a body feed and precoat in the primary filtration stage, to reduce the majority of the turbidity. Additionally, FA10 can be used as a mixture with CarboUA filter aid “FA5” on primary filtration (as body feed and/or as precoat) to produce a filtrate with very low turbidity in a single step filtration.

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