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MS-50 is highly effective quaternary ammonium compound based broad spectrum micro-biocide that can be effective in controlling the growth of algae, bacteria and fungi. The unique composition of MS-50 is effective against both the gram positive and gram negative bacteria, as well as active against fungi. The result is that unusually low dosage levels of MS-50 are required to maintain control. It is a unique formulation of biotechnology driven compound developed to inhibit the growth of micro-organism responsible for creating heavy loses to the sugar factories by sugar inversion. It is highly effective in controlling all types of bacteria such as leuconostoc mesentroides, bacillus, lactobacillus, aerobector aero genes, micrococcus, streptococcus which are highly responsible for sugar inversion. It is effective over mesophillic bacteria and thermophillic acid forming bacteria. It also controls the formation of dextran in any substance.

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SH-401 is a caramate based microbiocide specially formulated to inhibit growth of bacteria and fungi in cane sugar mills. These chemicals are highly effective against acid producing bacterial and fungi found in sugar mills. It also improves sugar recovery from stored sugar by reducing bacterial sugar inversion. SH-401 also inhibits enzyme action for the time between crushing of cane and lime neutralisation.

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SR Bim

SR Bim is used as a preservative biocide.

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VRS-60 is a highly effective chemical that acts as a viscosity reducer for cane sugar syrups. It is an effective formulation of polyacrylate polymer which highly increases sugar manufacturing efficiency by better lubrication, purging, better circulation of pans, increases centrifugal efficiency, less boiling time, reduced content of ash.

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Alezine is non toxic viscous liquid, easily soluble in water and juice.


Polcida is an mud pol reducer based on surface active agent which lowers the viscosity of the mud, increases the filterability of the mud and subsequently reduces the amount of sugar lost. It is extremely easy to use as it can be added directly to the feed stream to the Rotary vacuum filter or to the filter mud boot.

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ProDura is an anionic flocculant and Poly Acrylamide based Polyelectrolyte. ProDura is used for the removal of suspended impurities by flotation in syrup clarifier.

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Syn 820

SYN-820 is a highly efficient polymeric microbiocide. It is highly effective against troublesome bacteria like leuconostoc mesentroides commonly found in sugar mill systems. Inversion losses are reduced by the use of SYN-820 which reflect in increased recovery of commercial sugar.

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Syn 821

SYN-821 is a highly efficient biocide. This product is ideally suited for use in sugar industry where sucrose losses , troublesome slimes and bad odour causes much of the trouble

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Syn 822

SYN-822 is a product specially designed to lower viscosity of massecuites, reduce surface tension and improve boiling efficiency, crystallization , centrifugation and exhaustion of molasses. SYN-822 effectively controls organic deposits like poly saccharides hydrolysis products and caramelization product of sucrose in vacuum pans. Thus it not only reduces the viscosity of massecuites but also the scaling in pans. The increase fluidity results in the reduction in boiling time, reduced steam and water consumption, better exhaustion of the molasses and better curing in the centrifugals. The crystal quality is also improved.

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