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ColaDet 202

ColaDet 202 is a cold mix liquid pearling agent containing no sulfates. ColaDet 202 is designed for easy dispersibility at ambient temperature.

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ColaDet 804

ColaDet 804 is a concentrated surfactant blend for a variety of applications. This mild unique blend of surfactants allows the formulator to develop a variety of economical toiletry and cleaning products from one base.

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ColaDet AEM

ColaDet AEM is a concentrated surfactant blend containing ammonium laureth sulfate and Cocamide MEA. This versatile blend is especially manufactured for use in products where good foaming characteristics and mildness are desired.

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ColaDet ANA

ColaDet ANA is a blend of anionic, nonionic, amphoteric surfactants, which has been designed to give a formulator an easy starting point for the creation of body soaps, hand soaps, shampoos and bubble bath.

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ColaDet CBC

ColaDet CBC is a formulated concentrate specially developed to produce rich lathering liquids for personal care, hand cleaning, and certain industrial formulations where foam is preferred.

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ColaDet SDC

ColaDet SDC is a biodegradable detergent concentrate made from linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, coconut amide, and mixed ethoxylated alcohols. These ingredients are blended in the proper ratio to provide maximum cleaning efficiency and excellent physical properties.

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Colonial LM

Colonial LM offers the formulator a practical combination of properties within the household and cosmetic field. The aqueous concentrate of magnesium lauryl sulfate has a low cloud point, facilitating the formulation of clear liquid shampoos.

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Duomeen TDO

Duomeen TDO is a cationic surfactant used in dispersion agent,corrosion inhibitor.

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GINASUL TWS is anionic surfactant specialy developed for textile, carpet, woolen fabrics, matresses. It provides better softness as well as lustre.

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Hydriol PGI

PEG-free high-performance emulsifier for creams and lotions with a high watercontent, as well as for emulsions with vegetable oils.


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