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ACCOSOFT 808 is a fabric softener quaternary designed for use in the household and industrial liquid fabric softeners. ACCOSOFT 808 is used in fabric softener, textile and synthetic fibers, textile antistat.


ALPHA FOAMER is a highly foaming anionic surfactant which is used in industrial applications. It foams well in hard and soft water and in gypsum solutions. It is commonly used as an additive in the manufacture of gypsum wallboard where it increases the compressive strength of the wallboard, improves nail pull, and reduces the need for other additives. It is also used in oil field applications to act as a foaming agent in saturated brine solutions.

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AMMONYX LMDO is an amphoteric surfactant finding wide application in HI&I applications; provides foam enhancement and viscosity building.

ARQUAD 16-29

Arquad 16-29 is an alkyl trimethyl quarternary ammonium compound.It is a cationic surfactant. It is used as textile softener,Foam inhibitior,Lubricant,Emulsifier,Dispersing Agent,Thickener,Acid Cleaner,Dye Retardant,Latex Gel Sensitizer.It is also used for Agricultural Formulations, Antistat Formulations,Leather Mulling.

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Amidex BC-24

Amidex BC-24 surfactant is a unique liquid version of cocamide MEA that also contains cocamidopropyl betaine. It allows formulators to blend the usually solid cocamide MEA without the need for heating.

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Aminox C1214

Aminox C1214 used as foam booster, foam stabilizer, viscosity boaster and conditioning agent in shampoos, bubble bath, hand soaps and shaving creams. Excellent detergency in dishwashing detergents and for household and I & I cleaners.

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Armeen DM12D

Armeen DM12D is a natural fat and oils derivative used in surface active agents,plastics.

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Armeen DM22D

Armeen DM22D is a natural fat and oils derivative used in surface active agents,plastics,rubber.

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Armeen DMMCD

Armeen DMMCD is a natural fat and oil derivative used in surface active agents,pigment dispersing agents,oil additives.

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Aromox DMC-W

Aromox DMC-W is a non ionic surfactant.It is used as emollients in cosmetics, foam stabilizers.

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