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ColaCarb TDC

ColaCarb TDC is a mild anionic surfactant with good hard water tolerance. It thus improves the storage stability of amphoteric formulations, and can be used in combination with all ionic classes of surfactants.

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ColaDet A-14

ColaDet A-14 is a unique proprietary blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants that has unique solubility and emulsification properties.It is a agricultural emulsifier.

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ColaDet DC-6

ColaDet DC-6 is a specialty concentrate that is 100% active with both anionic and nonionic characteristics. It is a clear, homogeneous, viscous liquid that acts as a foamer, foam builder, wetting agent, viscosity modifier and emulsifier. This product provides high viscosity even on dilution with water.

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ColaDet NANA

ColaDet NANA is a anionic, nonionic, amphoteric concentrates, which have been designed to give the formulator an easy starting point for the creation of body soaps, hand soaps, shampoos and bubble bath.

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ColaDol 91-6

ColaDol 91-6 is a high active nonionic surfactant.It is stable in both aqueous acidic and alkaline solutions, allowing for application in a wide range of products

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ColaFax 3370

ColaFax 3370 is an anionic surfactant especially designed to be stable and function effectively in sodium hypochlorite solutions.

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ColaFax 3371

ColaFax 3371 is a low foaming organic phosphate ester surfactant that provides effective hydrotroping properties in highly built liquid detergent formulations.

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ColaFax 3385

ColaFax 3385 is an all-purpose aliphatic biodegradable phosphate ester.It is made from a naturally derived, ethoxylated linear alcohol.

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ColaFax 3396

ColaFax 3396 is a low foaming organic phosphate ester surfactant, which is utilized as a hydrotrope in formulating highly built liquid detergents for either household or industrial applications.

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ColaFax 3644

ColaFax 3644 is an anionic surfactant and a unique hydrotrope that is especially useful in combination with nonionic surfactants in alkaline cleaning baths. It functions effectively without a co-surfactant in many applications requiring highly alkaline conditions.

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