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ColaFax 3660

ColaFax 3660 is an anionic surfactant for industrial applications.It provides good wetting detergency, hydrotroping, coupling, and emulsifying properties.

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ColaFax 3690

ColaFax 3690 is a unique, high foaming alkaline stable phosphate ester with good detergency and wetting.

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ColaMulse EZ

ColaMulse EZ is a 100% active, nonionic surfactant and cosolvent designed for highly efficient microemulsions of d-limonene and related terpenes.

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ColaSolv IES

ColaSolv IES is 100% active, liquid quaternary compound in addition to their solvent capability offer excellent antistatic, lubricating, fiber softening and corrosion inhibiting properties in aqueous and non-aqueous systems.

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Colonial LAO

Colonial LAO is a mixture of lanolin alcohols in a mineral oil base. This product is a mixture of lanolin derived sterols and complex fatty alcohols in a mineral oil medium. As such, it is an odorless, low viscosity, non-tacky liquid.

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Colonial SOS

Colonial SOS is a highly biodegradable wetting agent that is stable under varying conditions of pH and temperature.

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Crodafos HCE

Crodafos HCE is a colour enhancer for hair dyes that increases colour intensity and colour uptake and provided better waskfastness.It as wide pH tolerance/stability and can be used in both hair colour base and developer.


DABCO DC153 is a surfactant.

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Dissolvine Z

Dissolvine Z is a chelating agent used in soap/detergent industry,textile industry,rubber/polymer industry,paper industry.

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ECOSURF EH-6 readily biodegradable nonionic, alcohol ethoxylate surfactant. It is used in Paints and coatings, Pulp and paper,Textile, Agrochemicals,Hard surface cleaners, High performance cleaners.

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