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ECOSURF SA-7 is a nonionic seed oil surfactant. It has a superior wetting and rinseability, nonionic, excellent formulation and handling properties. It is used in in Paints and coatings, Pulp and paper, Textile, Agrochemicals, Hard surface cleaners, High performance cleaners.

Ethomeen T25

Ethomeen T25 is a tallow amine ethoxylate with 15 units of ethylene oxide.Ethomeen T25 cans be used as Wetting, Cleansing Surfactant, Corrosion Inhibitor, Dispersing Agent, Emulsification, Adjuvant, Alkali Stable in Can, Adjuvants Tank Mix, Liquid Laundry Detergent, Lubricant, Production, Automotive Polishes, Cleaning Industrial.

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Ethomid O/15

Ethomid O/15 is a non ionic surfactant.It is used as Silicone oil emulsifier,emulsifying agents.

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Flake Marcel

Flake marcel soap is a anionic surfactant.It is used as scouring agent, detergent for textile,emulsifier.

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is an anionic basic surfactant with optimal economical and ecological properties. It is a secondary alkane sulphonate sodium salt (paraffin sulphonate) which is used in all types of liquid wash and cleaning agents, especially suited for highly concentrated products. It has excellent chemical stability in a broad pH range and in presence of oxidizing agents such as hypochlorite and peroxides, high cleaning and degreasing properties and good detergency power.

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Hydriol KP.2

Thickener and moisturiser for surfactant systems. Creates a pleasant, smooth skin-feeling.

Leocol SC-50

Leocol SC-50 is a non ionic surfactant,synthetic alcohol.It is used as a raw material for liquid detergent,it is a general detergent,general emulsifier,general dispersant,wetting agent.

Leocol TD-50

Leocol TD-50 is a non ionic surfactant.It is a synthetic alcohol.It is used as a raw material for liquid detergent,emulsion dispersant.

Leocon 1015H

Leocon 1015H is a non ionic surfactant.It is used as gral anti-foam agent,raw material for low foaming detergent.

Leocon 5030B

Leocon 5030B is a non ionic surfactant, polyoxyalkylene glycol.It is used in textile lubricant.

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