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Aminox CAP818

Aminox CAP818 is used as foam booster and stabilizer, viscosity modifier, conditioner and emollient or shampoos, bubble bath, hand soaps, hair conditioners, creams and lotions, etc.

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Armeen DMMHTD is a natural fat and oils derivative used in surface active agents,plastic.

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Arquad 20-75I

Arquad 20-75I is a cationic surfactant .It is used in bacteriosides.

Arquad 210-50

Arquad 210-50 is a cationic surfactant.It is used as sterigation washing agent.

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BIO-SOFT N1-9 is a high active nonionic surfactant providing emulsification, moderate foam, detergency and excellent wetting. This product finds application in laundry, textiles, paints, HI&I cleaning, hand dish washing formulations etc.

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Cadenax GS-90

Cadenax GS-90 is a non ionic surfactant.It is used as a general emulsifier (cosmetics, toiletries, emulsifier for industry, additives for paint and ink).

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Chembetaine C

Chembetaine C is a high-foaming, mild surfactant, stable over a wide pH range. Excellent foam and viscosity building with anionics suggest uses in shampoos, bubble baths, liquid soaps, conditioners and skin cleansers.

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Chembetaine S

Chembetaine S is an amphoteric surfactant with special conditioning, foaming and viscosity-building properties. Especially effective with AOS and compatible with all anionics. Uses include shampoos, conditioners and bath products.

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Chemonic LI-3

Chemonic LI-3 surfactant is a water-dispersible nonionic surfactant derived from coconut oil, which was developed especially to replace amides in a variety of formulations.

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Chemoxide CAW

Chemoxide CAW is an excellent choice for mild, low-irritation applications such as shampoos, facial cleansers and bath products. Builds viscosity and boosts foam over a broad pH range.

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