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ColaLube 3406

ColaLube 3406 is a very low foaming aromatic phosphate ester designed for synthetic metalworking fluids, especially grinding fluids. It provides good corrosion inhibition, lubricity, and wetting properties. Neutralization with alkanolamines is required before use.

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ColaLube 3407

ColaLube 3407 is a long chain, aliphatic phosphate ester designed for a variety of metalworking fluid applications. It provides excellent extreme pressure and lubricity characteristics as well as emulsification and rust protection properties for both ferrous and nonferrous metallurgies.

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ColaLube 3410

ColaLube 3410 is an ashless, oil soluble, complex long chainlength aliphatic phosphate ester, provides outstanding extreme pressure (EP), anti-wear, lubricity, and corrosion inhibition properties in a variety of metalworking fluid formulations.

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ColaLube 3418

ColaLube 3418 is a soluble oil emulsifier base designed to emulsify low viscosity naphthenic and paraffinic oils in the viscosity range of 70 to 600 SUS at 100°F.

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ColaLube 3420

ColaLube 3420 is a unique blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants designed to produce clear microemulsions with commonly used paraffinic and naphthenic oils, lubricants and other additives in a wide variety of metalworking fluid compositions.

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ColaMulse DBE

ColaMulse DBE is a microemulsifier and surfactant for dibasic ester solvents.It improves the detergency and rinsing properties in degreasers, graffiti/paint removers, and various other solvent based cleaners.

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Colonial 1360

Colonial 1360 is a 60% active aqueous solution of biodegradable triethanolamine linear alkylate sulfonate.It exhibits excellent wetting, foaming, and detergent properties.

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Colonial CNDF

Colonial CNDF is a liquid nonionic designed as a defoaming agent and rinse aid additive.

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Crodafos 810A

Crodafos 810A is an anionic surfactant derived from a C8/C10 fatty alcohol and phosphoric acid. It offers detergency, hydrotroping and antistatic functionality to a wide variety of applications.


DEXTROL MF-31 phosphate ester surfactant is the free-acid form of an ethoxylated phosphate ester. It is designed to impart improved wetting, emulsification and dispersoin in metal-working fluids. DEXTROL MF-31 phosphate ester surfactant provides outstanding detergency and metal-cleaning.It will protect treated surfaces from acid corrosion while not affecting the surface finish after maching. DEXTROL MF-31 phosphate ester surfactant does not contain any alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEOS). The dispersing power of DEXTROL MF-31 phosphate ester surfactant serves to removes fines from the working surfaces. DEXTROL MF-31 phosphate ester surfactant is soluble in most petroleum oils, aliphatic and aromatic solvents and in various synthetic lubricant bases.

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