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Ethomeen S/25

Ethomeen S/25 is a non ionic polyethoxyated amine surfactant.It is used as surface active agent.

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Ethomeen T/15

Ethomeen T/15 is a non ionic polyethoxylated amine surfactant. It is used as surface active agent, dispersion agent.

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Ethomid HT/15

Ethomid HT/15 is non ionic surfactant. It is used as silicone oil emulsifiers,emulsifying agents,dispersing agents.

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Ethoquad C/12

Ethoquad C/12 is a cationic surfactant.It is used in bactericides,corrosion inhibitor.

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Hydriol KPG.6

Solutizer for essential oils that creates an excellent skinfeeling.

Hydriol PGC.2

PEG-free thickener and moisturiser, that causes an excellent skin feeling.

Kemidet B-300

Kemidet B-300 is an anionic surfactant. It is used as an industrial cleaner and as a wetting agent in a number of industries such as textiles, paper, rubber, dry cleaning, engineering, shipping, hotels, hospitals, railways, tea gardens, glass manufacturing, house keeping etc.

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Laol XA-60-50

Laol XA-60-50 is a non ionic surfactant.It is used as a penetrating agent.

Leofat LC-80M

Leofat LC-80M is a non ionic surfactant.It is used in detergent, emulsifier.

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Libraphos 110

Libraphos 110 is a 100% active anionic surfactant. Libraphos 110 is Poly phosphoric acid based product. It is designed to give a range of properties depending upon the hydrophobe, phosphation agent and molar ratios used. It may be used in a number of applications due to their stability at high temperatures or in acidic or alkaline conditions.

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