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Flake Marcel

Flake marcel soap is a anionic surfactant.It is used as scouring agent, detergent for textile,emulsifier.

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A fluorosurfactant is a surfactant that contains a perfluoroalkyl group. A fluorosurfactant can realize low surface tension with smaller adding amount as compared with generally used hydrocarbon surfactants or silicone surfactants. In other words, this is a surfactant that has a low critical micelle concentration and a low critical surface tension.These characteristics are derived from the following facts: the atomic radius of the fluorine atom is slightly larger than that of the hydrogen atom; and a high electronegativity of the fluorine atom enables the formation of a strong carbon-fluorine bond thereby forming the perfluoroalkyl group having weak intermolecular force and small interaction with other substances.Because of this low surface tension, the system added with a fluorosurfactant can express excellent wettability.An illustrative example of the fluorosurfactant of the addition type includes coating and ink, floor wax, aqueous fire extinguishing chemical, photographic emulsion, cleaning agent, resist, grease, water glass, lens anti-fogger, plating liquid, PTFE dispersion, electrolytic solution, PVC film, and PO film. The lineup products correspond to any of the aqueous and the non-aqueous systems.

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Food Additive Glycerine

Food additive glycerin is a natural and fat oil derivatives used as solvent for aromatizing matter and coloring matter and other food additive.

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GINASUL TWS is anionic surfactant specialy developed for textile, carpet, woolen fabrics, matresses. It provides better softness as well as lustre.

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Gadolinium Nitride Industrial Grade 99.9%

Gadolinium nitride is black powder, which is a rare earth metal nitride powder of cubic crystal system. It own semiconductor property and  can process into thin film that deposit on MgO(100) or Si(100) using a plasma-enhanced ALD (PEALD) based process.

Gadolinium Nitride

Purity:Gd/RE 99.9% 3N

Particle size: -100mesh, -200mesh

CAS No.:25764-15-2 EINECS No.:247-250-9 Molecular Formula:GdN Molecular Weight:171.257


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GalFUSION Mild Mix 611

GalFUSION Mild Mix 611 is a synergistic combination of surfactants exhibiting effective cleaning of dishware while being soft and gentle on skin and by retaining the skin’s inherent moisture. GalFUSION Mild Mix 611 is formulated with plant based surfactants to be tough on all types of soils. It displays excellent dishwashing efficacy due to its strong wetting and emulsification properties and requires less water for rinsing with no residue on the dishware. GalFUSION Mild Mix 611 is free from N-Nitrosamine producing ingredients and does not contain any solvents or phosphate containing compound. It is designed from eco-friendly and sustainable sources and the ingredients are readily biodegradable. GalFUSION Mild Mix 611 has a synergistic mix which gives it an edge over the market products when it comes to efficiency of washing. It leaves the dishes sparkling clean with no streaks and stains. GalFUSION Mild Mix 611 is the mildest and the most gentle but effective dish wash concentrate when compared to market products. It retains your skin moisture; leaving it hydrated, healthy and allergy-free. GalFUSION Mild Mix 611 can be used to formulate liquid dishwash by cold process at different dilution levels (1:1 to 1:5) along with the addition of color, perfume, preservative and chelating agents. It can be used to formulate variety of other dish washing products like paste, bar and gels. GalFUSION Mild Mix 611 has an unique property which helps it to attain a good viscosity even at higher dilution levels in the presence of an electrolyte.

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Galaxy 100

Galaxy 100 is a Non-ionic surfactant mainly used in shampoos, soaps and shaving cream. It acts as a surfactant, foam booster and viscosity booster.

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Galaxy 689

Galaxy 689 is a surfactant used in toothpaste, emulsifier, soaps & detergents, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals.

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is an anionic basic surfactant with optimal economical and ecological properties. It is a secondary alkane sulphonate sodium salt (paraffin sulphonate) which is used in all types of liquid wash and cleaning agents, especially suited for highly concentrated products. It has excellent chemical stability in a broad pH range and in presence of oxidizing agents such as hypochlorite and peroxides, high cleaning and degreasing properties and good detergency power.

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Hexadecenylsuccinic Anhydride

Hexadecenylsuccinic anhydride is used as corrosion inhibitor, viscosity improver in lubricants, gelling agent in greases, epoxy resin curing agent, alkyd resin modifier, surfactant, chemical Intermediate for esters, amides, imides etc., and paper sizing agent.

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