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Dodecylbenzene is an organic compound. This colourless waxy solid consists of a dodecyl group attached to a phenyl group. Dodecylbenzene is a precursor to sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, a surfactant that is a key ingredient of household laundry detergents.

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Duomeen CDA-50

Duomeen CDA-50 is a cationic surfactant used in dispersion agent,corrosion inhibitor.

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Enagicol C-40H

Enagicol C-40H is amphoteric surfactant used as raw material for low-irritant shampoo.

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Enagicol EC-30

Enagicol EC-30 is anionic surfactant used as raw material for mild soap.

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Enagicol L-30B

Enagicol L-30B is a amphoteric surfactant used as raw material for low-irritant shampoo.

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Ethomeen HT/14

Ethomeen HT/14 is a non ionic surfactant.It is used as good dispersion agent.

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Hydriol PGMO.4

PEG-free O/W-emulsifier for creams and lotions that give a very good skin-feeling.

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Katemul IGU-70

Katemul IGU-70 amido-amine salt is a water-soluble cationic surfactant based on the amido-amine of isostearic acid.

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Leocol 13F-100

Leocol 13F-100 is a non ionic surfactant .It is a tri decanol,ethoxylate,low foam surfactant,emulsion dispersant.

Libraphos 1028

Libraphos 1028 is a 100% active anionic surfactant. Libraphos 1028 is Phosphorous Pentoxide based product. It is designed to give a range of properties depending upon the hydrophobe, phosphation agent and molar ratios used. It may be used in a number of applications due to their stability at high temperatures or in acidic or alkaline conditions.

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