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Lionon DT-600S

Lionon DT-600S is a non ionic surfactant.It is used in liquid detergent, cosmetics/Thickners for toiletries.

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Lipolan LB-440

Lipolan LB-440 is used as detergent, raw material for shampoo.

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Lipolan LB-840

Lipolan LB-840 is a sodium alpha olefin sulfonate. It is used as raw material for detergent.

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Lipolan PB-800

Lipolan PB-800 is a sodium alpha olefin sulfonate. Used in detergent, dispersant, emulsifier.

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Lipolan PJ-400

Lipolan PJ-400 is a sodium alpha olefin sulfonate.It is used in detergents,emulsifiers.

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MEGAFACE RS-75 is a surface modifier. Adding MEGAFACE RS-75 coating provides functions to repel water and oil well and to prevent the adherence of fingerprints or stains to a coating film surface.

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Multitrope 810

Multitrope 810 is a liquid anionic surfactant. It is a highly cost effective hydrotrope, compatible with a wide variety of surfactants. Multitrope 810 is particularly useful in high pH or high electrolyte formulations.


Octadecylamine is one of the chemicals used for reduction of corrosion rate of construction materials and remove deposits.

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Polity PS-1900

Polity PS-1900 is a polymer surfactant used in dispersant, viscosity decreaser.

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Quickpearl 810

Quickpearl 810 surfactant is a special surfactant blend designed to be easily incorporated into products using a cold blend, thus impartingpearl efficiently.

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