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Quickpearl PK3

Quickpearl PK3 is a special surfactant blend designed to be easily incorporated into products using a cold blend, thus imparting pearl efficiently.

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Schercomid SCE

Schercomid SCE fatty acid diethanolamide is an important amide used in many cosmetic formulations.It is easy to handle in all mixing and manufacturing operations. It is good at building viscosity and foam stabilizer for alkyl sulfates and alkylauryl sulfonates.

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SugaDet APG-10

SugaDet APG-10 is a mild hydrotrope that has good detergency and wetting properties. It is soluble in highly alkaline solutions and produces a moderate stable foam.

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Sunnol DL-1130

Sunnol DL-1130 is a alkyl sulfate,anionic surfactant.It is used as raw material in detergents.

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Sunnol DL-1430

Sunnol DL-1430 is a ethoxylated synthetic alcohol.

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Sunnol LM-1130

Sunnol LM-1130 is a alkyl sulfate,anionic surfactant.

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Sunnol NP-1530

Sunnol NP-1530 is a ethoxylated alkyl phenol.It is used as cement foaming agent.

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Sunnol NP-1930

Sunnol NP-1930 is a ethoxylated alkyl phenol. It is used as anti-acid surfactant oxidation proof surfactant .

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Sunnol NP-2030

Sunnol NP-2030 is a ethoxylated Alkyl phenol.It is a emulsion polymerization agent and dyeing aid.

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Sunnol OP-3330

Sunnol OP-3330 is a ethoxylated alkyl phenol. It is used emulsion polymerization agent and dyeing assistant.

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