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ColaDet 190-NPF

ColaDet 190-NPF is a highly concentrated, proprietary blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants that can be used as a base for a wide range of dishwash, laundry and other household cleaning products, covering the range from economy to premium formulations.

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ColaLube CD-100

ColaLube CD-100 is an excellent lubricant and emulsifier designed for use in synthetic cutting and grinding fluids or drawing compounds. It has proved effective on iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals.

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ColaMulse C-356

ColaMulse C-356 is a effective emulsifiers for aromatic solvents, kerosene, and mineral spirits. They provide excellent wetting, detergency, and rinsing properties to solvent-based cleaners. These products are ideally suited for use in paint strippers, heavy-duty degreasers, and oil rig cleaners.

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Colonial ALES-2

Colonial ALES-2 generates stable foam consisting of densely packed small bubbles.

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Colonial AOS-40

Colonial AOS-40 is a pale yellow to light amber aqueous solution of sodium C14-16 alpha olefin sulfonate.

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Colonial CAPDMA

Colonial CAPDMA is a tertiary amido-amine made from coconut oil. Itis slightly soluble in water but becomes readily soluble when neutralized with acid, becoming a cationic surfactant.

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Crodasinic CS30

Crodasinic CS30 is a powerful anionic surfactant that confers mild detergency and excellent foaming and lathering characteristics. Display synergy with other detergents. Wetting agents. Enzyme inhibitors in oral care. Corrosion inhibitors,with excellent foaming characteristics and corrosion inhibitor.Used in shampoos, mild facial care,hand and body washes, shaving preperations and oral care.

Crodasinic LS35

Crodasinic LS35 is a powerful yet mild anionic surfactant produced from a natural fatty acid and the amino acid sarcosine, supplied as the sodium salt at 35% activity.

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Crodateric CYAP

Crodateric CYAP is an amphoteric surfactant. It can offer hydrotroping and detergency and is particularly effective in both highly acidic and highly alkaline formulations. Due to this stability in harsh environments, it is regularly used in heavy duty industrial cleaners.

Crodateric LIDP

Crodateric LIDP is an effective formulation component that offers high detergency and hydrotroping in a single product. Multifunctionality allows the formulator to reduce the number of formulation components.

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