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ColaDet SCE-40PG

ColaDet SCE-40PG is a highly concentrated blend of surfactants designed for easily formulated shampoos where mildness, high foam and high viscosities are required.

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ColaMulse DL-120

ColaMulse DL-120 is a 100% active blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants designed for highly efficient microemulsions of d-limonene and related terpenes.

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Colonial DS-1000

Colonial DS-1000 is an excellent surfactant for use in emulsion polymerization systems. The very low inorganic content of the product facilitates complete water solubility of this surfactant.

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Colonial SLES-60

Colonial SLES-60 is a biodegradable linear fatty alcohol ether sulfate. It is a clear liquid of exceptionally light color and good odor.

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Dow Corning 193C

Dow corning 193C is a a silicone glycol copolymer.

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Dow Corning 5103

Dow corning 5103 is a silicone gylcol copolymer, suitable for a wide variety of auto and home care products.

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Dow Corning 5200

Dow corning 5200 is a alkylmethyl siloxane copolyol designed to prepare stable water-in-oil emulsions.

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Enagicol L-30ANT

Enagicol L-30ANT is used as raw material for low-irritant liquid detergent.

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Ethoduomeen T/13

Ethoduomeen T/13 is a non ionic surfactant.It is used in asphalt additive,dispersion additives,corrosion inhibitors.

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Ethomeen SAJ 103

Ethomeen Saj 103 is a non ionic surfactant.It is used as textile dyeing assistant.

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