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A fluorosurfactant is a surfactant that contains a perfluoroalkyl group. A fluorosurfactant can realize low surface tension with smaller adding amount as compared with generally used hydrocarbon surfactants or silicone surfactants. In other words, this is a surfactant that has a low critical micelle concentration and a low critical surface tension.These characteristics are derived from the following facts: the atomic radius of the fluorine atom is slightly larger than that of the hydrogen atom; and a high electronegativity of the fluorine atom enables the formation of a strong carbon-fluorine bond thereby forming the perfluoroalkyl group having weak intermolecular force and small interaction with other substances.Because of this low surface tension, the system added with a fluorosurfactant can express excellent wettability.An illustrative example of the fluorosurfactant of the addition type includes coating and ink, floor wax, aqueous fire extinguishing chemical, photographic emulsion, cleaning agent, resist, grease, water glass, lens anti-fogger, plating liquid, PTFE dispersion, electrolytic solution, PVC film, and PO film. The lineup products correspond to any of the aqueous and the non-aqueous systems.

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Hydriosul AMG.30

Very gentle to skin, mildly degreasing surfactant that produces an especially fine, creamy foam. For “everyday”- shampoos and mild washing lotions.

Hydriosul LMM.60

Mild, liquid surfactant concentrate, PEG-free, with good emulsifying characteristics. Specially suited for natural cosmetic formulations.


Isotridecan-1-ol is a branched, linear and primary alcohol with high molecular weight. It is a used as a raw material in the industries of cosmetics, drug delivery, metal processing, fiber finish, thermostable and biodegradable lubricant and solvent as well as surfactant.

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K Lipolan PJ-400

K lipolan PJ-400 is a sodium alpha olefin sulfonate.

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Lauroyl Chloride

Lauroyl chloride is used for making aroma compounds, surfactants, pesticides pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds such as textile auxiliaries, emulsifiers.

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Methyl Palmitate

Methyl palmitate is used as raw material of emulsifiers or oiling agents for foods, spin finishes and textiles; lubricants for plastics; paint and ink additives; surfactants and base materials for perfumery. They are used as solvents or cosolvents, oil carrier in agricultural industry.

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Multitrope 1250A

Multitrope 1250A is a hydrotrope for alkaline systems.

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N-Ethylacetamide is used in organic synthesis, are also used as toughening agents, surfactants and solvents.

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Polysorbate–20 is a nonionic, solubilizer, o/w emulsifier, antistat and fiber lubricant used in textile industry, wetting agent, viscosity modifier, suspending agent used in food, cosmetics, drugs, textile and metal working industries, solubilizer for perfumes and flavours, insecticides, herbicides, paints and inks, pharmaceuticals.

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