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REWOTERIC AMC is an amphoteric surfactant with good skin compatibility, developed for baby shampoos and mild skin cleansers. It has excellent viscosity enhancing and foaming properties, recommended for use in sensitive skin or daily cleansing products.

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Repel-o-Tex is a specialty polymer additives that achieves unequalled effectiveness in stain removal and fiber protection,It is widely used in laundry powders and tablets.

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Rewopol SB L 203

Rewopol SB L 203 is very mild surfactants for carpet shampoos and upholstery cleaners with easy removable cristalline residues.

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Rewopon IM AN

Rewopon IM AN is a substantive surfactants forming pseudocationic compounds in acidic formulations. Corrosion inhibitors, antistatic agents and emulsifiers for acidic formulations.

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Rewoquat CQ 100

Rewoquat CQ 100 is a heavy-duty surfactant blend for traffic film removers and hard surface cleaners.

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Ruthenium Nitrosyl Chloride Industrial Grade 99%

Ruthenium nitrosylchloride is brown crystalline powder, which is a precious metal salts. It is stable at room temperature and room pressure.

Ruthenium Nitrosylchloride

CAS No.:18902-42-6 EINECS No.:242-651-5 Molecular Formula:Ru(NO)Cl3 Molecular Weight:237.43
Melting Point:180℃ Ru Content:≥41.5%    


Ruthenium(III) nitrosychloride is a noble metal chemical for experiment uses.

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STEOL CA330KE AES136 is an anionic surfactant which is commonly used in low pH shampoos and other bath products. It is very highly foaming and imparts a good viscosity to personal care formulations. It is recommended for children's formulations because of its low irritancy.

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STEOL CS-230 is an anionic surfactant providing excellent foam regardless of water hardness and low skin irritation properties making it suitable for mild cleansing as well as baby products. This product also finds application as a gypsum additive and a scouring agent and additive for textile processing.

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STEPANATE SXS is an anionic surfactant used in liquid detergent, heavy duty cleaning, wax stripping, dishwashing detergent formulations and textile applications. It functions as a solubilizer, coupling agent and cloud point depressant.

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STEPANOL AM 30-KE is a anionic surfactant providing excellent foam and viscosity characteristics. It can be used in liquid hand soaps and bath products. It also finds application in detergents, carpet and upholstery cleaners, offset printing and textile applications.

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