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Butyric Anhydride

Butyric Anhydride is used for the production of plastics, plasticizers, surfactants and textile auxiliaries. It is also used in food additives, flavorings, varnishes, perfumes, pharmaceuticals and disinfectants. It is used in the synthesis of butyrate ester widely used as perfumes and flavours.

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Chembetaine OL-30

Chembetaine OL-30 is a mild, emollient conditioning surfactant in an easy to handle liquid form. Substantive to skin and hair. Its viscosity-building and foam-enhancing qualities make it ideal for use in shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps and bath products.

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Chemoryl SFB-10SK

Chemoryl SFB-10SK surfactant is an alkyl and alkyl ether sulfate-free, amide-free, mild multi-purpose surfactant concentrate.Its gentle, rich formula is ideally suited for premium shampoos and body washes.

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ColaLube 3418 EPL

ColaLube 3418 EPL is a soluble oil emulsifier base designed to emulsify low viscosity naphthenic and paraffinic oils in the viscosity range of 70 to 600 SUS at 100° F.

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Dow Corning 3225C

Dow corning 3225C is a dispersion of high molecular weight silicone surfactant in volatile dimethylsiloxane, designed to prepare water-in-silicone emulsions.

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Dow Corning 5225C

Dow corning 5225C is a 10% dispersion of high molecular weight silicone polyether in cyclopentasiloxane fluid for use in skincare, suncare, hair care, color cosmetic, and antiperspirant / deodorant applications.

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Hydrazine Hydrate

Hydrazine hydrate is an oxygen scavenger for water used in industrial boilers and high pressure steam generators. It is used in the production of pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, and blowing agents. It can be used as polymerization catalysts, food additives, soldering fluxes and in manufacture of surfactants, detergents and plasticizer.

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Isopropyl Acetate

Isopropyl Acetate is a fast-evaporating solvent.It is the product of condensation of acetic acid and isopropanol.It has good solvency characteristics for resins, such as cellulosics, vinyl copolymers, polyesters, polystyrene, acrylics, kauri and manila gums, rosin, dammar.It is used as surfactant in cleaning fluids, coatings, coatings for automotive, coatings for plastic, nail care, printing inks, solvents for cosmetics and personal care, and Solvents for fragrances

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LEXXISO 1003~1009

LEXXISO 1003~1009 kind of surfactant is manufactured by isodecyl alcohol and ethylene oxide.

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LEXXISO 1303~1010

LEXXISO 1303~1010 kind of surfactant is manufactured by isotridecyl alcohol and ethylene oxide.

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