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UFACID K is used in all types of liquid and powder detergent formulations.

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ALMIPAL P is balanced dermatological favourable blend of surfactants featuring very good washing and cleaning effects. It is destined for the production of washing and cleaning pastes. It is slightly yellow up to yellow-brown viscous liquid, unlimitedly miscible with water with well-foaming ability. It is of anionic character.

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AMMONYX M is an amphoteric surfactant used as a foam enhancer, wetting agent, detergent and thickening agent finding application in personal care and HI&I cleaning products.

Amidex CE

Amidex CE surfactant is an all-purpose, economical thickener and viscosity builder for cosmetic surfactant systems. Stabilizes foam in shampoos, cleansers and bubble baths.

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Amidex KD

Amidex KD surfactant is the amide of choice in ethoxy sulfate systems. Yields high, stable viscosities at low concentrations. Exhibits excellent flash foaming and foam stability. Used extensively for gelled shampoos, bath gels, liquid soaps and facial cleansers.

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Amidex LD

Amidex LD is an effective viscosity builder, foam booster and stabilizer. It exhibits good detergency and emulsification characteristics. Uses include shampoos, cleansers, bubble baths, creams and lotions.

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Amidex LN

Amidex LN surfactant is an amide exhibiting foam and skin feel properties analogous to soap. Good viscosity building and emulsification properties. Ideal choice for shower and facial cleansers, liquid soaps and bath gels.

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Armeen 2C

Armeen 2C is a natural fat and oils derivative used in germicides,flotation reagent.

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Armeen 8D

Armeen 8D is a natural fat and oils derivative used in flotation reagent,textile softeners,oil additives.

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Armeen CD

Armeen CD is a natural fat and oils derivative used in surface active agents,pigment dispersing agents ,rubber, plastic additives.

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