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Sorbitan Monooleate

Sorbitan Monooleate is a monoester of oleic acid and hexitol anhydrides derived from an amber-coloured oily viscous liquid. It is used as an emulsifier in cosmetic and pharmaceutical ointments and creams. It is also used as a stabilizer in food products.It is also used as a co-emulsifier for lotions and other emulsions. Sorbitan Oleate is particularly suited to formulations that contain vegetable oils.

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Sorbitan Monopalmitate

Sorbitan Monopalmitate is used as a emulsifier for cosmetic formulations, household products and textile chemicals.

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Sorbitan Monostearate

Sorbitan monostearate is primarily used as an emulsifier to keep water and oils mixed.It is used in the manufacture of food and healthcare products, and is a non-ionic surfactant with emulsifying, dispersing, and wetting properties.It is also used as a rehydration aid (production of active dry yeast) and as synthetic flavoring substances and adjuvants.

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Sorbitan Sesquioleate

Sorbitan Sesquioleate is used in cosmetic formulations and household products.

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Sorbitan Trioleate

Sorbitan Trioleate esters are nonionic surface agents used as excipients in veterinary medicinal products.Its oil solubility makes it a very effective coupling agent and co-emulsifier for mineral oil. It is suggested for use in cosmetic formulations, household products, plastics, coatings and textile chemicals.

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Sorbitan Tristearate

Sorbitan tristearate is a nonionic surfactant. It is variously used as a dispersing agent, emulsifier, and stabilizer. It is used in food and aerosol sprays as a food additive. It is also suggested for use in cosmetic formulations, household products and textile chemicals.

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Spherical Aluminum Nitride Industrial Grade 99.9%

Spherical aluminum nitride powder is a kind of filler for heat, which is beige powder. Its purity is high and particle size distribution is average. Its surface is clean and the degree of sphericity is high. The flow ability of spherical aluminum nitride is good.

Spherical Aluminum Nitride Powder



Melting Point:1680℃

Boiling Point:2249℃

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Stearyl Chloride

Stearyl chloride is a clear white solvent. It is used as an intermediate to manufacture surfactant, pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds.

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SugaDet APG-10

SugaDet APG-10 is a mild hydrotrope that has good detergency and wetting properties. It is soluble in highly alkaline solutions and produces a moderate stable foam.

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Sulfochem AEG

Sulfochem AEG is a versatile ammonium salt based concentrated surfactant blend appropriate for a wide variety of personal care products.

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