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Schercodine C Amido-Amine

Schercodine C amido-amine is a good foaming, cationic surfactant used in cleansing applications for both hair and skin.

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Schercodine I Amido-Amine

Schercodine I amido-amine is a versatile, liquid, oil-in-water cationic emulsifier. It is a good lubricant that is especially popular for hair rinses and conditioners.

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Schercodine M Amido-Amine

Schercodine M amido-amine is a cationic oil-in-water emulsifier. It is used both as a conditioner and as a thickener.

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Schercodine O Amido-Amine

Schercodine O amido-amine functions as a conditioner for hair and skin preparations.It is used for its excellent lubrication and moisturizing properties.

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Schercodine P Amido-Amine

Schercodine P amido-amine functions as a cationic emulsifier, a hair conditioner and viscosity builder for cleansing systems.

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Schercodine S amido-amine

Schercodine S flaked amido-amine is an effective softener, emulsifier and conditioner in hair and skin preparations.

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TERGITOL NP-10 Surfactant

TERGITOL NP-10 is a non-ionic surfactant .It is also works as a detergent and wetting agent.It is used in cleaners & detergents, paper & textile processing, paints & coatings, agrochemicals, metalworking fluids.

TERGITOL NP-11 Surfactant

TERGITOL NP-11 Surfactant is a nonionic, nonylphenol ethoxylate used in cleaners and detergents, paper and textile processing, paints and coatings, agrochemicals, and metalworking fluids.

TERGITOL NP-12 Surfactant

TERGITOL NP-12 Surfactant is a nonylphenol ethoxylate,non ionic surfactant type.It is an outstanding wetting agent.

TERGITOL NP-13 Surfactant

TERGITOL NP-13 Surfactant is a nonylphenol ethoxylate and non ionic surfactant type. It is a excellent dertergent and outstanding wetting agent.

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