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TERGITOL NP-15 Surfactant

Tergitol NP-15 is a non-ionic surfactant.It is also works as a detergent, outstanding wetting, suitable for higher temperatures.It is used in cleaners & detergents, paper & textile processing, paints & coatings, agrochemicals, metalworking fluids.

TERGITOL NP-30 Surfactant

TERGITOL NP-30 is a non-ionic surfactant.It is highly water-soluble emulsifier & stabilizer.It is used in wetting agents & stabilizers, emulsifiers & dispersants, agrochemicals, cleaners & detergents.

TERGITOL NP-40 Surfactant

TERGITOL NP-40 is a non-ionic surfactant. It is highly water-soluble emulsifier & stabilizer.It is used in cleaners & detergents, paper & textile processing, paints & coatings, agrochemicals.

AEROSOL DPOS-45 Surfactant

AEROSOL DPOS-45 Surfactant is an effective surface tension depressant and an emulsifying, dispersing and solubilizing agent exhibiting high electrolyte tolerance. It is extremely stable in both highly acidic and alkaline solutions and at elevated temperatures. AEROSOL DPOS-45 Surfactant also possesses ability as a coupling agent and is very effective as lime soap dispersant. AEROSOL DPOS-45 Surfactant eliminates decomposition problems in high temperature applications while minimizing discoloration and reductions in surface activity. AEROSOL DPOS-45 Surfactant is also an effective coupling agent for foam boosters, defoamers and a wide variety of other additives, and it eliminates the need for using additional hydrotropes in a formulation.

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Dodecylpyridinium Chloride

Dodecylpyridinium chloride is a organic compound used as a surfactant .It is widely used in soaps ,detergents and cosmetics.

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Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate

Lauryl alcohol Ethoxylates, Cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylates , Steryl alcohol and oleyl alcohol ethoxylates.

Medium HLB to high HLB surfactants with applications as scouring agents, foam stabilizers, emulsifiers, and dispersing agents.

Schercamox DMA Amine Oxide

Schercamox DMA amine oxide is a clear liquid used as wetting agent, foamer and foam stabilizer in shampoos, bath preparations and shave creams.

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Schercamox DML Amine Oxide

Schercamox DML amine oxide finds numerous applications as an emulsifier, emulsion stabilizer, anti-static agent and more. In shampoo formulations,it is used as a foam booster and thickener, and can be used in conjunction with or instead of alkanolamides.

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Sodium Cetostearyl Sulfate

Sodium Cetostearyl Sulfate is a Sodium salt of a mixture of cetyl and stearyl sulfate Sodium cetearyl sulfate uses and applications include: Surfactant, emulsifier, wetting agent, degreaser for personal care products, powder cleaners; surfactant, emulsifier, wetting agent in pharmaceuticals; flotation agent; cofoaming agent for latex foams.

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Sulfochem B-MEV Surfactant

Sulfochem B-MEV surfactant is a concentrated surfactant blend formulated to yield cost effective, rich hair and skin cleansing products with the addition of fragrance, preservative and water.

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