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AMMONYX LO is a non-ionic surfactant, used for it's detergency, foam enhancing, stabilisation and thickening properties. It is stable in the presence of acids, bases, electrolytes and oxidising agents and shows very good resistance to hard water. It can also be used in the textile industry as a lubricant, emulsifier, wetting agent and dye dispersant.

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Abex VA-50

Abex VA-50 is a clear, slightly hazy liquid proprietary surfactant blend. It is an especially effective APE-based anionic emulsifier for making vinyl/acrylic and vinyl/VeoVa latexes. Abex VA-50 is available in bulk and drums of 460 lbs. Alternative package sizes may be available upon request.

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Amidex CME

Amidex CME is a rapid viscosity builder and foam enhancer. Effective in soap systems, synthetic powder detergents, bath products, skin cleaners, and liquid dish formulations.

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Amidex KDO

Amidex KDO surfactant is a cost-effective version of Amidex KD surfactant, building high viscosities and exhibiting good flash foaming and foam stability. Economical and effective in shampoos, bath and cleansing products.

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Amidex LSM

Amidex LSM surfactant is a high-purity thickener, flash foamer and viscosity enhancer. It is a good foam stabilizer and builder recommended for use in bath and shower products, shampoos and skin cleansers.

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Armeen 2HT

Armeen 2HT is a natural fat and oils derivative used in surface active agents.

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Armeen M20

Armeen M20 is a natural fat and oils derivative used in surface active agents,plastics,rubber.

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Armoslip E

Armoslip E is a natural fat and oil derivative used in paint ink additives,oil additives.

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ChromAveil protects the hair from the damaging effects caused by exposure to sunlight. Giving colour protection benefits to dyed hair from UVA absorbance and protecting the mechanical properties of the hair with UVB absorbance.

Galaxy 100

Galaxy 100 is a Non-ionic surfactant mainly used in shampoos, soaps and shaving cream. It acts as a surfactant, foam booster and viscosity booster.

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