Sweeteners Substitutors sugar with Low Energy, Calories


saccharin sodium dihydrate FOOD GRADE >99

Sodium Saccharin, with E number E954, CAS number 6155-57-3 or 128-44-9, food artificial sweetener, manufacturing process by chemical synthesis, toluene and chlorosulfonic acid as main raw materials. It is available in anhydrous and di-hydrated form. As a professional Sodium Saccharin supplier, we supply granular 20-40mesh and 40-80mesh industrial and food grade, also spried 100mesh. Sodium Saccharin used in food, mouthwash, toothpaste widely as a safe food additive in many countries with E number E954. 

sorbitol?mannitol?lactitol?xylitol FOOD GRADE

Founded in 2003, Taosign  has become the most respected manufacturer and exporter of 

Maltitol, Xylitol,Sorbitol,Lactitol,Isomalt,Erythritol,Mannitol
Stevia,Trehalose,Tagatose,Maltose Powder,Fructose Powder,

Our products are Certificated by Kosher and Halal, meanwhile we do all products according to GMP ,HACCP, and ISO.  

our sorbitol,maltitol,xylitol are approved by Kraft,Wrigley...

contact person: Allen, allen@taosign.com,Skype:t-mac52177

dextrose anhydrous food grade FOOD GRADE 99%min

Specification: Dextrose monohydrate and Dextrose anhydrous

Package: 25kg kraft bag

Loading: 20mts/20'fcl /23-24mts/20'fcl

Calcium Lactate for calcium supplements added in health care products USP 99.9%

Calcium Lactate for calcium supplements added in health care products


1. Description:

Molecular formula: C6H10CaO6·5H2O

Molecular weight: 308.3

CAS NO.:814-80-2

Appearance: white granules or white powder with a little efflorescence

Organoleptics: odorless and moderate flavor 

Solubility: It can be easily dissolved in hot water (5%), but not in inorganic solvents.

Character: It has high absorption rate and good solubility, so it can be easily absorbed.

Application: It is widely used in the fields of food, beverage, medicine, etc., and also used as strengthening calcium source added into dairy products.

Standard: It conforms to the requirement of FCC, USP and BP.

Calcium Lactate food additives(nutrition food supplement/ingredient) FOOD GRADE 98.0-101.0%

Calcium Lactate food additives(nutrition food supplement/ingredient)


Calcium Lactate is white granules or white power with a little efforescence and no other smell. It can be easily dissolved in hot water, but not in inorganic solvents. Its molecular formular is C6H10CaO6.5H2O and its molecular weight is 308.3. It is widely used in the fields of food , beverage, medicine, etc. As food additive, the adding amount of Calcium Lactate should be in accordance with the requirements of GB14880-94 and GB2760: 12-24g in cereal and cereal product, 3-6g in beverage and milk beverage, 23-46 in nurseling food.


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