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glycine USP 99.6%

1. [ Product Name]: Glycine(Aminoacetic Acid )
2. [Molecular formula]: C2H5NO2 
3. [Molecular weight]: 75.07 
4. [Structure formula]: NH2CH2COOH 
5. [Melting point]: between 232-236℃(decomposition)
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Acesulfame Potassium

Acesulfame potassium is a calorie-free artificial sweetener. It is often blended with other sweeteners. It is a product of Acetoacetic acid. It is one of the several artificial sweeteners which form a basic ingredient of products such as yogurt, soft drinks, and gums. Acesulfame potassium is also used in oral hygiene and pharmaceutical products. It is widely used in sugar free food and beverage applications and always used in conjunction with another sweetener, such as aspartame or sucralose.

Lactose, Monohydrate

Lactose monohydrate is a natural disaccharide, obtained from milk, which consists of one glucose and one galactose moiety.

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Xylo-oligosaccharide is a kind of prebiological substance, which can' t be digested but can selectively activate bacterial reproduction within intestines. It can obviously improve intestinal micro ecological balance, proliferate bifid bacteria and gastric function.

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mannitol FOOD GRADE

Sweetener Mannitol Application
1. Injection material: used in producing the Mannitol injection solution, reducing the encephalic pressure, the intraocular pressure etc.
2. Excipient of filler for tablets: used in the anticancer drug, antibacterial, antihistamine medicine, in vietmin, drunk awaking drug, the mouth freshener tablet and so on.
3. Vasodilator medicine for blood vessel of brain: used in treating the blood vessel blocked brain.
4. Diuretic stuff: mannitol is a kind of mild laxative lapactic, which has a special curative effect to oliguria and the kidney function failure caused by dropsy, burnt and so on. 

sorbitol FOOD GRADE

Sorbitol is a new kind of sweetener made from purified glucose as material via hydrogenation refining,concentrating. When it was absorbed by human body, it spreads slowly and then oxidizes to fructose, and takes part in fructose metabolization. It doesn't affect blood sugar and uric sugar. Hence, it can be used as sweetener for diabetics. With high-moisture-tatiblizing, acid-resisitance and non-ferment nature, it can be used as sweetener and monisturizer.  
The sweet intensity contained in sorbitol is lower than that in sucrose, and it can`t be utilized by some bacteria. It can be widely used in many industries such as food, leather, cosmetic, paper making, textile, plastic, toothpaste and rubber. 
The sorbitol is one kind of versatility industrial chemicals, it has the extremely widespread function in food, daily chemical, medicine etc, and can be used as may take the sweet taste,excipient,antiseptic etc, simultaneously has the polyols nutrition superiority, such as low heat value, low sugar, guard against effect and so on.

Aspartame FOOD GRADE

Sweetener E951 Granular Food Grade Aspartame

Aspartame is a non-carbohydrate artificial sweetener, as an artificial sweetener, aspartame has a sweet taste, almost no calories and carbohydrates. Aspartame is 200 times as sweet sucrose, can be completely absorbed, without any harm, the body metabolism. aspartame safe, pure taste. currently, aspartame was approved for use in more than 100 countries, it has been widely used in beverage, candy, food, health care products and all types. Approved by the FDA in 1981 for spreading dry food, soft drinks in 1983 to allow the preparation of aspartame in the world after more than 100 countries and regions are approved for use, 200 times the sweetness of sucrose.

D-Glucose Monohydrate

D-Glucose Monohydrate is a white granular monosaccharide. It is obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of starch to dextrose and subsequent purification and crystallization from solution. It is sweet in taste.

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Fructooligosaccharides is a class of oligosaccharides used as an artificial or alternative sweetener.It can enhance humans absorption of the mineral elements.

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Malto-oligosaccharide is a natural nutrient sweetener.It has the characteristics of low sweet, low calorie, low osmotic pressure.It is widely used in food processing field,applying in production of beverages,dairy products, juice and jams, cakes and wines as well as other functional foods.

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