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Algitrol C

Algitrol C is a powerful algaecide specially formulated for control of algae growth in ponds, lakes and swimming pools. It is particularly useful in tropical climates where there is plenty of sunlight and warm temperatures.

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Boric Acid

Arihant chemicals, a leading boric acid supplier have 100 % water solubility, optimum effectiveness, longer shelf life, and compositional accuracy qualities. Buy boric acid from us, we supply optimum quality, technical grade boric acid to our esteemed customers. This product is available at highly affordable market prices to our esteemed clients, and our boric acid is used for different medical applications.

Geosil 150

Geosil 150 is a general purpose antiviral disinfectant for use in water treatment, food and beverage productions, air conditioning and cooling towers, swimming pools and spas, general disinfectant.

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Phenol Red

Phenol red is a pH indicator that is frequently used in cell biology laboratories. It is also used as a pH indicator in home swimming pool test kits.

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Acumer 5000

Acumer 5000 is a superior scale inhibitor and dispersant for silica and magnesium silicate in recirculating cooling circuits and boilers.It prevent the formation of deposits on heat transfer surfaces.

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Hichlon 70G

Hichlon 70G is a white granular compound containing calcium hypochlorite as the principal ingredient. It is specially purified to enable it to be used in swimming pools without clouding the water. It is a rapid acting disinfectant providing a safe environment for swimming and recreational activities.

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Accepta 2301

Accepta 2301 is a highly efficient polymeric cationic microbiocide developed for the control of bacteria and algae in cooling water and related systems.It may also be used to control microbial contamination in swimming pools and spas.

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Accepta 2506

Accepta 2506 is an excellent polymeric quaternary ammonium chloride biocide, developed for use in re-circulating cooling water systems.It can be used to control both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria as well as algae and fungi.It also used in open recirculating cooling systems evaporative condensers and swimming pools.

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Accepta 9010

Accepta 9010 is an excellent micro-chlorine product that provides easy and convenient chlorination and sanitation for smaller pools and paddling pools.

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Accepta 9011

Accepta 9011 are multifunctional chlorine product.It is formulated to maintain pool.

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