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Majantol FOOD GRADE 98.00 min.

    Appearance :     Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid.
    Odor:   Powerful floral and fresh lily.
    Assay(by GC,%):   98.0 min.      
    Specific Gravity(D204):   0.946 - 0.985      
    Refractive IndexN20D)   1.516 - 1.520      
    Moisture (%):   0.5 max.      


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Methyl Pamplemousse FOOD GRADE 98% min.

Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Odour: Fresh, Citrus, Grapefruit peel
Assay (by GC,%): 98 min
Flash Point(℃): 75 ℃
Refractive index (N20
D): 1.439-1.443
Specific gravity(D25
25): 0.874-0.880

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N-Methylformanilide FOOD GRADE

Product name: N-Methylformanilide 
CAS No.:93-61-8
Appearance: clear colourless to yellow liquid
Assay: NLT98.5% 

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Octyl Acetate

Octyl Acetate is an organic compound. It is classified as an ester that is formed from 1-octanol (octyl alcohol) and acetic acid. It is found in oranges, grapefruits, and other citrus products.Octyl acetate can be synthesized by a condensation of 1-octanol and acetic acid. Octyl Acetate has an orange aroma. It is used mainly when making orange or citrus smelling candle wax. Octyl Acetate does not give the wax an orange color because it is a clear compound. It also does not give it an orange taste either. It is solely used for its orange sent. It is also used for the same purpose in different oils and resins. Octyl Acetate also has a use as a solvent for nitrocellulose.It is used as the basis for artificial orange flavoring.

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Rose Oxide FOOD GRADE 99% min.

Product Name:        Rose Oxide   70:30(90:10)
CAS No.:   16409-43-1
    Appearance:    Colourless clear liquid  
    Odour:     Green,powerful,fresh geranium,floral
    Content (by GC,%):   99.5 min.     
    Cis Isomer (%):   71.0 min.     
    Trans Isomer (%):   27.0 min.    
    Flash Point (℃):   66      
    Refractive Index (N20/D): 1.453-1.458    
    Density (20℃):   0.871-0.878    
    Solubility:     Insoluble in water, soluble in oils 


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Terpinolene is used as fragrance in food, cosmetic and cleaning industries. High purity terpinolene is finding more uses in the manufacture of synthetic fragrances such as terpineol and so on, while low concentration ones can be used as antiseptic and an industrial solvent owing to its sterilization and solvency.

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citral FOOD GRADE 99%

Citral,CAS 5392-40-5,food flavor 

Citral Use:


Citral is an important spice lemon, Verbena essence, artificial lemon oil, bergamot and orange leaf oil.

Synthesis of methyl violet, violet ketone ketone raw materials.


Citral can also be used to cover up the industrial production of bad breath.


Citral can be used for ginger, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, apple, cherry, grape, strawberry and spices, edible essence. Wine flavor is also available.


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Amino acetic acid, Glycocoll, Amino ethanoic acid, Glycolixir, Glycosthene, Leimzucker, Glicoamin, Aciport, Amitone, Glycine, Padil, Aminoazijnzuur, polyglycine, Corilin, Hampshire glycine, LGlycine, 2-Aminoacetic acid, Sucre de gelatine.

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sucralose FOOD GRADE 99.99%

We are leading suppliers of sucralose. 

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