Buy syrup clarification aid lowers sugar color, improves turbidity


Rishlyte 8028

Rishlyte 8028 is a highly cationic product effective as a decolourisation agent for syrup clarification in the phosflotation process and is used at dosages upto 150 ppm of polymer by weight of sugar solids. It is effective in removing most of the colour and also high molecular weight impurities such as starch and dextrane.

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SEDIFLOCK is used to decolourise effluents containing anionic, direct or reactive dyes. It is a liquid product, therefore easy to handle and is suitable for use in dye houses and in municipal biological sewage treatment plants. It is Compatible with the usual inorganic and organic precipitants. It consists of nontoxic cationic polymers which replace inorganic coagulants. It reduces sludge volume and desludge frequency, corrosion in alum addition pipeline and pump.It is added prior to the clarification of sugarcane juice and at dosages of 1-2 ppm.It also used as a decolorising agent for syrup clarification.

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Santofloc S30

Santofloc S30 is a syrup clarification aid . It is water soluble polymers for use as a flocculant in the process of thick syrup clarification.

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