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Americos D9E4

Americos D9E4 is a concentrate enzyme specially designed for desizing and denim stone washing in one bath without prewashing with desizing enzymes separately. Americos D9E4 could be effectively used to gain very special color shade and abrasion effect, it is environmentally friendly and cost effective for denim washing.Americos D9E4 provides excellent stone washing effects without prewashing with desizing enzymes,gives fast and even abrasion effect with good anti-back staining effect,reduces processing time and improves production efficiency.

Celluzyme AC

Celluzyme AC is a fungal, acid cellulase enzyme or organism designed specially for stone washing of denim garments along with pumice. It can also be used for bio-polishing or bio-fading of different varieties of denim fabrics and cellulosic garments. It acts on the cellulose and converts it into lower molecular weight components, resulting in excellent softness of cellulosic garments or fabrics. Celluzyme AC removes fuzz effectively, without loss of fabric strength. Hence, it imparts an excellent fading and anti-pilling effect to the fabric or garment.

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EMCOZYME-DEBI is a judicial blend of neutral enzymes specially developed for single stage desizing and biopolishing of Denims. The features are it reduces processing cost leading to savings in terms of water, energy and time, it is eco friendly and biodegradable, it has combined desizing and biopolishing effect and further it imparts high level of surface modifications.

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EMCOZYME–CR is a bio-polishing enzyme for lint removal and anti-pilling effect with soft feel. The features are it improves fabric quality, it prevents hairy fabrics, the bio-polished fabrics prevent pilling in garments after repeated washes, it is environmentally friendly, it is easy and safe to use and further it allows bio polishing to take place during the dyeing operation.

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Spirozyme 100

Spirozyme 100 is a liquid acid cellulase enzyme suitable for bio polishing for knits and woven with minimal colour cutting.

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Spirozyme 200

Spirozyme 200 is a liquid acid cellulase enzyme suitable for biopolishing of knits. It also provides excellent bio polishing effect on whites without shade change.

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Spirozyme 250

Spirozyme 250 is a liquid acid cellulase enzyme. It provides excellent bio polishing effect on non denims and knits with minimal shade change.

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Spirozyme 300

Spirozyme 300 is a very concentrated liquid acid cellulase enzyme. It is suitable for bio polishing for knits and woven with minimal colour cutting. It is also highly suitable for bio polishing on premium quality garments.

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Vermamylase-L is a alpha amylase for desizing at low to medium temperature.

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EMCOZYME–GEM is a multi component neutral enzyme solution providing combined biopolishing and bleach cleaning in one step. The features are it provides optimization of processing time and cost, it reduces water consumption effluent volumes and saves energy, it provides less weight and strength loss and further it has excellent batch to batch reproducibility.

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