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LyzerTouch PDF

Lyzertouch PDF is an engineered component of cellulase enzyme designed specially for denim washing providing high contrast washed effects, which converts cellulose to lower molecular weight components. It provides high level of abrasion, surface polishing, and depilling, high contrast and body softness on various cellulosic garments. Its back staining is negligible. It has high level of surface modifications which can be achieved with fewer pumice stones using PDF. This helps to reduce machine wear and tear, and fabric damage and gives excellent puckering and more grains.

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Saicellsoft BP

Saicellsoft BP is a liquid cellulase enzyme preparation intended to be used as an anti-pilling auxiliary and as an alternative to the conventional softeners. It yields a permanent soft handle to all cellulosic materials treated. Saicellsoft BP is totally biodegradable and will not stain fabrics.


ENZECO CATALASE is an enzyme preparation specific to the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide. It is available in textile grade and in food grade.

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Spirozyme NE100

Spirozyme NE100 is a liquid neutral cellulase enzyme. It is suitable for bio polishing of yarn dyed fabric.

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LyzerStone Super

LyzerStone Super is a fungal cellulase enzyme produced by genetically modified strain of Tricoderma species which hydrolyse 1,4-glucosidic linkages in cellulose. Lyzerstone Super being a high performance bio-stone washing enzyme, it also contains a pH buffering system, anti-back-staining system and surfactants. Lyzerstone Super is highly recommended for denim, chambray, cotton, cotton twill and heavy weight garments. Being a fungal cellulose bio-stone washing enzyme, it imparts a fashionable abrasion effect on the garment giving a soft, smooth feel yet no damage to garment is caused. It is a pH buffering system, readily used formulated enzyme, anti-staining system and surfactants for high performance washing.

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LyzerTouch Super

LyzerTouch Super is a cellulase enzyme helps in depilling or biopolishing denim and cotton fabrics. It is acid-stable and converts cellulose to lower molecular components. Lyzertouch Super is compatible with non- ionic wetting agents, surfactants, pumice stones etc. After the Lyzertouch Super treatment, garments and fabrics become softer, drape better and tend to crease less. Lyzertouch Super treatment gives woven textiles softness and fluidity. The most advanced Lyzertouch Super enzymes work around the fibers, removing surface impurities and loose fiber ends but ensuring that fibers themselves are not damaged.

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Neutrazyme-V-25L is a ready to use, formulated Neutral Cellulase, consisting of a pH stabilizing buffer, anti-re-deposition agent, and an efficient dispersing component, all combined together.Neutrazyme-V-25L has an operating temperature range of 50°C to 60°C (131°F-140°F) and an operating pH range from pH 5.5 to 7.0.

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Vermabio-wash UL

Vermabio-wash UL is a multi strain acid cellulase for biopolishing & stone washing for denim.

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BIOTOUCH catalase

BIOTOUCH catalase removes hydrogen peroxide from both the fabric and the processed liquor after bleaching. The use of BIOTOUCH catalase creates an environmentally friendly process with decreased water consumption and a shorter process time. This enzymatic bleach cleanup can be peformed in batch process equipment like jets, jiggers or winches. BIOTOUCH catalase works well across a broad temperature range and remains effective even at high peroxide concentrations.

Bioprime LBAC3201

Bioprime LBAC3201 are liquid hybrid cellulase enzymes. They are used in fabrics and garment bio-finishing processes like depilling, softening and surface modifications which allows new shades and finishes to be created easily and cost effectively, in an eco-friendly way. It work powerfully on cellulosic fabrics which provide surface polishing, prevents pill formation, and creates improved hand and are also suitable for denim washing.

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