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IWA LUBE is a newly developed lubricant, having excellent anti creasing, dispersing and leveling properties when used in scouring and desizing of polyester, cotton viscose rayon. When used in scouring, desizing and dyeing of viscose rayon, tencel, cotton, T/C, wool in low bath ratio M/C such as rapid, vertical, M/C, it gives very high quality results due to improvement of leveling effect becuase of proper circulation in M/C. It is an excellent product which prevents the creases and fold marks when used during, scouring and desizing of polyester in rotary washer.

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Isoprene is a common organic compound. It is the monomer of natural rubber and also a common structure motif to an immense variety of other naturally occurring compounds, collectively termed the isoprenoids. Polyisoprenes are used in a wide variety of rubber applications including medical equipment, baby bottle nipples, toys, shoe soles, tires, elastic films and threads for golf balls or textiles. Other uses include adhesives, paints and coatings. Styrene-isoprene rubber is a copolymer that is used in pressure sensitive adhesives.

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LUSHFEEL is a polymeric quat softener used as finishing agent. It gives surface smoothness and fullness with lubricity. It improves bulkiness, colour brilliancy and strength of finished cotton or acrylic yarn. It is suitable for finishing 100% cotton, PC and PV fabrics.

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Limonene is a colourless liquid hydrocarbon classified as a cyclic terpene.Limonene is common in cosmetic products. As the main odor constituent of citrus.D-limonene is used in food manufacturing and some medicines,it is also used as botanical insecticide.It is added to cleaning products such as hand cleansers to give a lemon-orange fragrance.

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MERSOLAT is a family of secondary alkane sulfonates that are used as raw material for textile processing chemicals, leather auxiliaries, detergents, cleaning products and as an auxiliary for the manufacture and stabilisation of emulsions.

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Mesamoll is a general purpose plasticizer, with good gelling behaviour and saponification resistance, which is compatible with many types of polymers including poly vinyl chloride and polyurethanes.

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Metro DP

Metro DP is used for stripping of unreacted dye particles from dyed cellulosic materials.

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Metro LD

Metro LD is used as scouring agent in cotton textile processing.

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Metrowet is mainly used in textile processing, leather tanning etc.

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