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Quest-AQ is polymeric Hydro-phile. Quest-AQ used for increased wearer comfort, antistatic effect, lower soil re-deposition and stain removal. It is applicable to 100% polyester as well as to blends of polyester with cellulose, silk or wool.

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REL NWBL is an easy to use micro emulsion of modified Reactive Amino functional Polysiloxane of slightly lower amine value. It is used to impart superior supple softness to dyed 100% Cotton, Hosiery etc. The features are it has permanent supple soft handle, it has silky smoothness, it leaves no residue or smell on the fabrics.

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RS MICRO gives much better, fuller feet a good softening agent for polyester cotton, polyester -viscose, polyester-wool.


Thiourea is an organosulfur compound. It is structurally similar to urea, except that the oxygen atom is replaced by a sulfur atom. Thiourea is a reagent in organic synthesis. It is used directly in ore filtering, metal refinery and cleaning, isomerization catalyst and as an additive in fertilizers, drilling auxiliaries, light-sensitive photocopy paper and explosives. It is used as a fixing agent in photography, as a liquefying agent in animal hide glue, as an insecticide, as a textile-treating agent, and as an intermediate to produce other compounds. Thiourea and its derivatives are versatile intermediates for the synthesis of modified thermosetting resins, thiourea dioxide, dyes, flame retardants, vulcanization accelerators, plant protection agents, pesticides, amino resins, peptizing agents, fungicides, hair preparations, dry cleaning chemicals, corrosion inhibitors and thiazole drugs.

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Triolein is a triglyceride and unsaturated fat formed from oleic acid. It is used in semipermeable membrane devices to collect organic compounds in form of a passive sampling device in water analysis. It can be used as textile lubricants and cosmetics emulsifiers.

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VISP MBX is a polyvinyl acetate copolymer for durable textile finishing to impart body & soft handle with good luster.

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Woolzyme is protease enzymes from Bacillus species used for finishing of wool.

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YOGEE-PE is a polyethylene emulsion for application where a smooth handle with good lubricity is required. It also improves fabric sewability. It also improve the tear strength. YOGEE-PE can be used a pure finish but is particularly Effective in combination with other finishing agent.

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m-Cresol is a phenol. Amongst its uses it can be used as a solvent for dissolving polymers, most notably the conducting polymer polyaniline. When polyaniline is cast from a solution of m-cresol or a polyaniline film is exposed to m-cresol vapor the conductivity is higher than a polyaniline film cast without the presence of m-cresol.

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o-Cresol is a phenol. It is an isomer of p-cresol, m-cresol and anisole. Cresols are used to dissolve other chemicals, as disinfectants and deodorizers, and to make specific chemicals that kill insect pests. They are found in many foods and in wood and tobacco smoke, crude oil, coal tar, and in brown mixtures such as creosote, cresolene and cresylic acids, which are wood preservatives.

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